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GLTF FYI - Appropriations

        The following contains the numbers for Senate Subcommittee markup 
     of Commerce, Justice State and Judiciary Appropriations.
                             GLTF                    Senate
     Coastal Zone         national letter         
     Management Program      49.7                     49.7
                             +6 NPS                    0
                             +6 Sec. 309              +6 Sec. 309
                Report language reads: The committee does not recommend     
                funding the proposed increase for Section 6217 non-point    
                pollution control.  Funds for this purpose should be made   
                available to the States through the Environmental           
                Protection Agency, which is responsible for this program.
     National Estuarine
     Research Reserve         --                       9.3
                $5 million of this appropriations is directed for land      
                aquisition at Great Bay NERRS.
     Coastal Ocean            17.8                      19
     Program                 (Incl. 1.3GL)
     Marine Sanctuaries       --                        14
     Sea Grant                --                        56
                              2.8 ANS                  Incl. 2.8 ANS
     ANS Task Force           2 (combined)          1.0 NISA Implementation
     Ballast Water Demos                            0.85 Ballast Water Demo
                Report language for the ballast water studies reads:        
                "$850,000 for ballast water research in the Chesapeake and  
                Great Lakes including Lake Champlain;"