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GLTF FYI - Appropriations

     Here's the Department of State portion of the previous message 
     regarding the Senate subcommittee markup of the Commerce, Justice, 
     State Appropriations bill.  (all numbers in millions)
                                GLTF                    Senate
     Great Lakes                8.353 Base           8.353  Including:
     Fishery Commission     +3 St. Mary's River        at least 3       
                          +1.2 Non-chemical control    up to 1.2
                              Total: 12.553           Total 8.353
     International Joint 
     Commission                 +3.432                  +3.432
                Report language reads: "The IJC is directed to develop the  
                necessary mechanism for monitoring and accurately assessing 
                existing diversions and consumptive uses of Great Lakes     
                water in line with the recommendations of its own report.   
                "Great Lakes Diversions and Consumptive Uses."
     Rochelle Sturtevant
     Senate Great Lakes Task Force