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Discovering Great Lakes Dunes - a new publication

The Gillette Natural History Association (the friends group of the
Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center, Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon,
Michigan) announces the following new publication on the sand dunes of
the Great Lakes.


Great Lakes sand dunes, formation, location, dune zones, protection

32 pages, illustrations and photos

Writers:	Elizabeth Brockwell-Tillman, Mi. Department of Natural
Resources, Parks and Rec Division
		Earl Wolf , Mi. Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation

Published by:	Gillette Natural History Association
		Michigan Sea Grant College Program
		Michigan State University Extension

The Great Lakes have most of the coastal freshwater dunes in the world. 
Hundreds of thousands of people visit them each year, drawn by these
"jewels" strung along hundreds of miles of the lakes' shorelines.

Dune visitors, as well as many who may never see them in person, can now
catch glimpses of their beauty and learn more about them through a new
publication, DISCOVERING GREAT LAKES DUNES.   This 32 page, colorful,
fully illustrated booklet describes the making of dunes, various dune
types and locations, the dune zones, the value and protection of the
dunes.  The booklet contains many photos of dune complexes,
illustrations of important dune concepts and photos/illustrations of
plants and animals that live on Great Lakes dunes.

The book was written by Elizabeth Brockwell-Tillman and Earl Wolf of the
Michigan Department of Natural Resources and published through a joint
venture by the Gillette Natural History Association, Michigan State
University Extension and the Michigan Sea Grant Program.

Copies of the booklet can be purchased from:
	Gillette Natural History Association
	Gillette Visitors Center
	Hoffmaster State Park
	6585 Lake Harbor Road
	Muskegon, Michigan 49441	


Single copies of the booklet cost $4.95 plus 6% state sales tax. 
Educational discounts for quantity orders (20%) - $3.95     (Tax exempt
information must be included)
Wholesale prices (30%) - $3.45

Mary Jane McBeath
President, Gillette Natural History Association