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looking for a waste stream


	The Great Lakes Research Consortium sponsors a small grants program
to support preliminary development of innovative research of value to the
Great Lakes. Faculty members at one of our member schools need help
locating an appropriate site for their experiments. Please see the
following message: "We have been working with a particular enzyme (laccase)
for several years and have published on its
purification and characterization. It is very active on a wide range of
aromatic (ring-containing) compounds, especially phenolic and amino
derivatives. The enzyme will act by polymerizing these compounds and thereby
precipitating them from solution. To attempt to use this type of treatment
in a lake ecosystem wouldn't make much sense but to use this type of
bioremediation at a point source of this type of phenolic-containing
effluent may be very promising.
     We are interested in identifying any such point sources of effluent and
demonstrating the feasibility of using this enzyme technology."

	If you have any suggestions please contact Jim Nakas at

Thank you.

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