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Coastal Hazards Workshop Deadline


The registration deadline of July 13, 1998, is approaching
for workshops in Milwaukee and Superior, Wisconsin,
titled "Natural Coastal Hazards to Development."

The workshops are designed for people with a professional
stake in prudent coastal development on the Great Lakes. 
This includes bankers, contractors, developers, engineers,
insurers, realtors, and regulators.  The workshops will help
people learn to recognize the risks of flooding and erosion
at specific sites along the coast.

Topics include

*    anticipating extreme lake levels and storm wave

*    wave run-up on shorelines and on-shore protection

*    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) wave run-up
     and erosion hazard designations

*    coping with bluff instability

*    predicting future shoreline recession

*    suitable and unsuitable shore protection structures

*    lakebed erosion: a threat to shore protection

Participants will be given training in the use of the new
second edition of a Wisconsin Sea Grant manual for
evaluating the risks of flooding and erosion on coastal
properties around the Great Lakes.

The workshops will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Monday
and Tuesday, July 20-21, and in Superior, Wisconsin, on
Thursday and Friday, July 23-24.

Cost: A registration fee of $60 covers costs for the two-day
workshop, break refreshments, two luncheons, and a coastal
processes manual.

Registration deadline: July 13, 1998.

Workshop Sponsors: American Society of Civil
Engineers-Duluth Section, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil
Resources, University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program,
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Coastal
Management Program, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
Advisory Services

For registration information, contact:

Philip Keillor, Advisory Services
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
1800 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705-4094
phone (608) 263-5133
fax: (608) 263-2063
email: jkeillor@seagrant.wisc.edu

For more information, check the Wisconsin Sea Grant home
page at