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Recent Great Lakes stories on Michigan Live

ANN ARBOR - One of the premier federal labs in the Great Lakes has lost a
quarter of its scientists in the past decade, shrinking the region's ability
to deal with growing threats to its most valuable resource.
The losses at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, combined with
cuts in other federal science programs in the 1990s, are making it harder to
tackle toxic chemicals, beach erosion and zebra mussels, among other issues.

A state agency hopes to acquire a sand mining site adjacent to Ludington State
Park and add the 370-acre parcel to one of Michigan's most popular and largest

For summer duty, the pay can't be beat: Eight hours of Lake Michigan beach
time and a free stay at a popular state campground when open sites may be
The job? Plover patrol. 
Several pairs of late-nesting piping plovers have the Department of Natural
Resources scrambling for volunteers to protect the endangered shorebirds from
dogs, people and egg-stealing mammals.