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New Native American publications

Posted on behalf of John Garret Crow <AICIC@aol.com>

Dear Fellow Native American or Friend of Native Americans:

My name is John Garret Crow and I am a full-blooded American Indian.  I
am a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

To be an Indian in these times of high-technology is strange and new. 
It has always been hard to be an Indian, but now we have computers, fax
machines, modems, so forth.    Still, the opportunities and
possibilities of this new technology are exciting.  Exciting for our
World and our People.

I am using the Tool of Technology to convey this message.  I want to
tell you about two books I and my wife Martha have researched and
written.  Our books were made so Indian Country could better
communicate, connect, and network together as a Circle of Nations.  Our
books were also made so we could give non-Indians authentic
sources/resources to find information about our Native World.

When we have a better Talking Circle, we are less likely to be divided
and conquered by the things that have tried to overcome us in the past.
Our books are empowerment tools as knowledge really is power.  Knowledge
is the fuel we need to infuse and enable this Talking Circle.

1997-98 INDIAN COUNTRY ADDRESS BOOK is a very comprehensive, national
directory of Indian Country.  With over 12,000 entries, it has 64
chapters, beginning with Agriculture and ending with Youth.  It sells
for $55.  If you mention this e-mail letter, shipping will be free.

NATIVE AMERICAN INTERNET GUIDE is a directory with almost 1,500 listings
of Internet sites about/by/for Indigenous People of the Western
Hemisphere.  It contains 30 chapters and we made this book so people can
find Native sites easily and instantly.   It costs $30.  Again, if you
mention this e-mail letter, the shipping will be free.

To find out more about our books, please see www.toddpublications.com on
the Internet.  If you would like more information or to request a
catalog, e-mail our publisher, Todd Publications, at  toddpub@aol.com. 
You can call our publisher at his toll-free order number 800-747-1056,
or FAX him at: 914-358-1059.   Our publishers address is: Todd
Publications, PO Box 635, Nyack, New York 10960-0635.   

I have one last message.  I am looking for my son, Collin Todd Crowley.
He is 26 years old and enrolled in the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska (for
those who donít know, Winnebago is the English name for Ho-Chunk).  He
was raised in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.  Collin disappeared from the
Sioux City, Iowa area six years ago.  If you know him or see him, please
tell him that I love him very much and all the relatives are worried
sick about him.  Please tell him to contact one of us so we will know
that he is alright.  

Thank you for your time and interest.  I hope this letter finds you
well. Please write back if you have any questions or need more

John Garret Crow