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Job: USGS Position in Minneapolis

Posted on behalf of Mary Downey <mdowney@eco.org>

USGS Earth Science Intern Program*
Administered by The Environmental Careers Organization

Location:  Minneapolis, MN

Length: 1 year

Description: Project #20 Closing Date July 17, 1998
Data analysis and interpretation or pesticide data from the USGS NASQAN
Program.  These data are for 40 pesticides in the Mississippi, Rio
Grande, Colorado and Columbia Rivers and their tributaries from

The objective of the internship is to prepare scholarly manuscripts
(reports and journal articles) for the scientific and water-resource
comunities and for use by the NASQAN Program in future decisions.

Specific Tasks:
1. Perform statistical and data analysis.
2. Perform process-based data analysis.
3. Prepare manuscripts based on data interpretation.

The Associate will have the benefit of working with a professional team
and gain knowledge of behavior of pesticides in diverse hydrologic

Completion (or close to completion) of all requirements for doctorate
degree in Environmental Science (Geology, Environmental Engineering,
Environmental Public Health) experience with organic chemicals in
hydrologic systems.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
are essential.   SAS or data analysis skills are a plus.  You must have
graduated from a US College or University in the last 12 months, current
students that can work full-time can also be considered.  Former
employees of the USGS are not eligible for the Earth Science Intern
Program.  If interested in this project, please state ìUSGS, Project
#20î in your response.  I will only be able to contact those candidates
that are under consideration for this project.

Annual Stipend of $39,923 with PhD, $32,569 with Masterís, An Optional
Employee Paid Health Program is available.  Federal Holidays and 3 sick
days are included. One week of vacation is included in the second year
of the project, if extended.  You would be an employee of the
Environmental Careers Organization, not the USGS.  ECO would handle all
administrative functions of employment such as; payroll, taxes, workerís

If you are interested in applying for this particular position please
send a cover letter, resume, reference list, and a list of computer
skills (and any additional information that you feel would make you an
ideal candidate, i.e. letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.) to
Mary Downey at the Environmental Careers Organization, 50 Public Square,
Suite 1515, Cleveland, Ohio  44113.  You may also fax or email this
information to FAX 216-861-6727, email - mdowney@eco.org   

(Only candidates that will be referred to the USGS will be contacted.) 
The last date to submit materials for this particular project is July
17, 1998.  View ECOís homepage at <http://www.eco.org/>www.eco.org for
other opportunities.

*Do Not contact the USGS directly if you are interested in this
position. Please refer all questions to Mary Downey at 216-861-4545.