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Office of the Great Lakes 1997 Annual Report

July 10, 1998

Ken Silfven

Due to the high demand for the State of the Great Lakes 1997 Annual Report, the Department of Environmental Quality's Office of the Great Lakes has reprinted 1,000 extra copies which are available free of charge.

The report focuses on issues impacting the Great Lakes ecosystem including fisheries, water levels, air toxics and directional drilling.  It features guest authors from business, government and the environmental community.  It also contains differing perspectives on Lake Huron; climate change policy in the wake of Kyoto; Lake St. Clair; as well as unique and globally significant islands of the Great Lakes.

Copies are available from the Office of the Great Lakes at 517-335-4056 or FAX: 517-335-4053.  The report also can be accessed electronically at: