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GLTF FYI - Appropriations Update

     The House Full Appropriations Committee marked up the Commerce, 
     Justice State and Judiciary Appropriations bill on July 15.  The House 
     held its Subcommittee markup of the Transportation Appropriations bill 
     on July 16.  Full Committee markup of the Transportation 
     Appropriations bill is scheduled for July 23.
     The House Appropriations Committee provided a commitment to continued 
     operation of the Icebreaker Mackinaw plus an additional $6 million for 
     design of a replacement vessel.
     The House Report includes language prohibiting fees for Coast Guard 
     Navigational Services.
     Coast Guard Ballast Water Management Program $3 million
     St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation $11.496 million
     National Coastal Zone Mgmt. Program     $52.7 million
                                             +$2   million Non-Point Source
     The Committee did not approve separate funds for the Section 309 
     program, but instead indicated that up to 20% ($10.54 million) of the 
     Section 206 funds could be used for this program.
     National Estuarine Research Reserve System  $4.3 million
     Coastal Ocean Program                      $19 million
     Marine Sanctuaries                         $15 million
     National Sea Grant College Program         $59 million
           Includes $2.8 million for zebra mussel research.  Report         
           language includes the GLTF request language regarding the study
           of human health risks from pathogens in ballast.
     Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory  $6.825 million
        The Committee did not approve the transfer of GLERL from OAR to NOS
     Great Lakes Fishery Commission             $8.353 million
     International Joint Commission             $3.189 million
     More complete information including comparison to FY 1998 funding can 
     be located at the NE-MW homepage - http://www.nemw.org/
     Rochelle Sturtevant
     Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force