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Re: Question on Plastic Trash

At 11:34 AM 23/07/98 -0400, Christine Manninen wrote:
>Posted on behalf of Florence M. Trevino <trevinof@pilot.msu.edu>
>How are people disposing of plastic trash produced during research i.e.,
>Petri dishes, pipet tips, etc.? Currently we incinerate and I would like
>to find an alternative if one is available. We do have one autoclave
>which would not be effective since we utilize this for cleaning our
>bottles etc. I am looking for some type of equipment that would melt the
>plastic down to a smaller size so that it can be disposed of as common
>trash. Anyone with this type of information please get back to me.
>Florence Trevino 
>Cluster Environmental Protection Specialist 
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>East Lansing, Michigan 48823-5338 
>E:mail trevinof@pilot.msu.edu 
>Phone: (517) 337-6777 
>FAX: (517) 337-6779

We know of such a process here in SW Ontario.  Call Doug Murray 519-738-6126
he takes care of all our plastic by melting it down and then selling it.

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