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Reporting on Water Pollution Issues in the Midwest

It's a Watershed Event!
Reporting on Water Pollution Issues in the Midwest
Regional Conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists:
    Saturday, August 29, 1998
    Opening reception, Friday August 28
    Columbus, Ohio
Join the Society of Environmental Journalists for a road trip (and
possibly a canoe trip) along the Scioto River, the second largest
watershed in Ohio, as it flows by huge chicken farms, overloaded sewers
and new residential developments. Learn about Total Maximum Daily Loads,
nitrate controls, biological criteria monitoring, mercury deposition,
wetland mitigation, sediment runoff and other issues now being debated
from the halls of Congress to your local planning agency.
For more information or to reserve a spot, contact Randall Edwards,
Columbus Dispatch, 614-461-7582 or < redwards@dispatch.com > or  Chris
Rigel in the SEJ office.

Society of Environmental Journalists
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