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     The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works finished the 
     Water Resoures and Development Act (WRDA) at today's committee meeting 
     (7/29) with no further amendments.  The Great Lakes amendment package, 
     including provisions for the Great Lakes Strategic Plan, sea lamprey 
     control, RAP assistance, forgiveness of interest on the Soo Locks and 
     the Western Basin of Lake Erie Basin-wide study, was not taken up by 
     the committee and is not included in the committee-passed bill.
     The Senate report is expected to be printed Friday.  Advance copies 
     are not yet available.
     The House Committee on Resources pulled WRDA from the Committee markup 
     scheduled for July 22 and has not yet rescheduled.  Diagreement over a 
     provision for the Auburn dam is apparently responsible for the delay 
     and no further committee action on WRDA is expected until this issue 
     is resolved.