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Call For Abstracts: International Zebra Mussel and ANS Conference

Posted on behalf of Jeff Gunderson <jgunderson@extension.umn.edu>

Call for Abstracts
Mark Your Calendars

The Ninth International Zebra Mussel and Aquatic Nuisance Species
April 26-30, 1999 
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
Duluth, Minnesota

Hosted by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program

Jeffrey L. Gunderson, Associate Director
Douglas A. Jensen, Exotic Species Information Center Coordinator

Conference Administrator:
Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs
Tel: 1-800-868-8776 Fax: 613-732-3386 E-mail: direct link

Call for the Submission of Abstracts

The International Zebra Mussel and Aquatic Nuisance Species Conference
is considered the most comprehensive international forum for experts
to present results of their research, outreach, and technological
developments concerning biology, ecology, control and management, and
impacts of marine and freshwater aquatic nuisance species.

Although zebra mussels are the most widely known of these invaders,
there are dozens of aquatic nuisance species which require ongoing
attention because they are causing significant damage to marine and
freshwater resources and to the economies that depend upon them.

You are invited to submit a 500 to 750 word abstract of a proposed
presentation or poster related to the following species and topic

Zebra Mussel
Asiatic Clam 
Green Crab
Chinese Mitten Crab
Eurasian Ruffe
Round and Tubenose Goby
Three Spine Stickleback
Blueback Herring
Spiny Waterflea (or BC)
Lumholtzi Waterflea
New Zealand Mud Snail
Water Hyacinth
Purple Loosestrife
Eurasian Watermilfoil
Alligator Weed
Curley-Leaf Pondweed
Smooth Cordgrass
(Other Nonindigenous Invasive Species Papers are Encouraged)

Advances in Control Technologies
Chemical Control
Non-Chemical Control
Physical Control
Other Control Technologies

Preventing and Mitigating Impacts on Water Users
Industries and Municipalities
Agriculture and Irrigation Systems
Locks, Dams, and Fish Ladders
Aquaculture and Bait Harvest Operations
Fire Protection Systems
Service Water Systems
Boats and Shoreland Property

Impacts on Inland Waters, Great Lakes, Estuary and Marine Ecosystems
Ecosystem Impacts Risk Assessment Economic Impacts

Biology and Life History
Population Dynamics
Distribution and Range Expansion
Parasites and Diseases

Legislation and Global Initiatives
Ballast Water Policy
Nonindigenous Invasive Species Act
Comprehensive State/Provincial/Inter-Jurisdictional ANS Plans
Other Related Legislation

Education and Outreach
Youth and Adult Education Programs (formal and non-formal)
Communications and Marketing Strategies
New Products, including Curricula, Training Packages, Web Sites and

Submission of Abstracts

It is preferred that abstracts be forwarded by Email as an attached
file, or on disk in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format.  Please
provide a cover sheet with the following information:  submitting
author's name,  complete mailing address,  telephone, fax and
e-mail, and  whether the abstract is being submitted for a verbal or
poster presentation.

The deadline to receive abstracts for consideration by the Technical
Program Committee is September 25, 1998.  The submitting author will
be notified of the Committee's decision by October 30, 1998.

Please forward abstracts to:

Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs
Conference Administrator
1027 Pembroke Street East, Suite 200
Pembroke, ON  K8A 3M4  Canada
direct e-mail link

Call for Exhibitors to the Business Exposition

A Business Exposition will again be held in conjunction with the
Conference to provide business involved with the detection, control
and management of aquatic nuisance species to showcase their products
and services.  For further information, or to book your booth
location, contact the Conference Administrator at 800-868-8776 or

1998 Conference Proceedings
Orders are now being accepted for the Proceedings of the Eighth
International Zebra Mussel and Aquatic Nuisance Species Conference
held in Sacramento, March 16 to 19, 1998.  The Proceedings include
contributed papers plus the abstracts of posters and presentations
made in plenary, parallel and workshop sessions.  The Proceedings are
$25 USD or $35 CAD, including shipping and handling.  To place your
order contact Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs, Conference Administrator at
800-868-8776 or www.zebraconf.org/.
Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs
Conference Administrator
1027 Pembroke Street East, Suite 200
Pembroke, ON  K8A 3M4  Canada
Tel: 1-800-868-8776 OR 613-732-7068 Fax: 613-732-3386
Email: profedge@renc.igs.net
Internet www.zebraconf.org

Jeffrey Gunderson                       
Associate Director
Sea Grant College Program                                
2305 East 5th Street          Voice:   (218) 726-8715
Duluth, MN  55812-1445        Fax:      (218) 726-6556