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GLIN-Announce Guidelines: August 1998

GLIN-Announce subscribers:

Attached (just as a refresher) are the guidelines for the GLIN-Announce
email list. **Keep this message for future reference**

Please note that if you ever want to refer back to a past GLIN-Announce
posting, there is a searchable monthly archive online at

And a reminder that any questions regarding subscribing/unsubscribing or
list protocol should be sent to me directly at manninen@glc.org. Please
refrain from posting these requests to the list.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Christine Manninen
GLIN-Announce List Manager
Great Lakes Commission

GLIN-Announce is a forum for sharing news of interest to
the Great Lakes community. Appropriate postings concern the
release of new reports, job opportunities, requests for
proposals, federal budget updates, and announcements of
regional conferences or special Great Lakes events.  

The list also is used to conduct GLIN business and to make
announcements about data and information placed online by
various partner organizations. The list is designed to
reach a broad spectrum of interests in the region.

Information requests pertaining to the Great Lakes or their
management also are appropriate, but GLIN-Announce should
NOT be used to discuss issues and it is normally expected
that people will not *reply* to the list. Other lists exist
or will be created for people to discuss special interests.

GLIN-Announce is a closed list. This means that only
subscribers can post directly to the list. Non-member
submissions are forwarded to the list owner for approval.
The subscriber list is managed by the GLIN project team at
the Great Lakes Commission.

How to Send a Message to GLIN-Announce
To send a message to GLIN-Announce, simply send an e-mail
message to glin-announce@great-lakes.net. This
message will reach hundreds of people in the Great Lakes
community; therefore, do not use it to subscribe or
unsubscribe from the list (see below for instructions).

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe
To join GLIN-Announce, address an e-mail message to
majordomo@great-lakes.net with the command 'subscribe
glin-announce' (minus the quotes) in the body of the
message. No subject line is required.

If you ever want to remove yourself from the e-mail list,
send mail to majordomo@great-lakes.net with the command
'unsubscribe glin-announce' in the body of your message.

GLIN's mailing list manager is an automated system called
majordomo. To learn how to use the system, send a message
with no subject but with the word 'help' in the body of
the message to majordomo@great-lakes.net. GLIN's majordomo
will return a list of all the commands that it understands.

To speak to the GLIN project team or correct any errors, contact:
Christine Manninen              manninen@glc.org
Great Lakes Commission          734.665.9135  Voice
400 Fourth St., Argus II Bldg.  734.665.4370  Fax
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4816