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News Release- Important! Change of location for first National Spirit of the Wolf Walk in Duluth, Minnesota

>The Rally and Speakers will be at the Civic Center Plaza, not at Bayfront
Park. Sorry for the change.

>First National Spirit of the Wolf Walk  
>For Protection of the Wolf Always 
>Please walk with us to support the wolf
>Where: Duluth, Minnesota -Civic Center Plaza
              5th Avenue West and 1st Street
>When: Saturday, September 26, l998
>Time:  Rally and Speakers: Noon to 1:00 PM Walk: 1:15 to 3:00 PM
>Survival for the wolf in America is not getting easier, despite its return
>to the wild. As we approach the millennium, we find wolves in Minnesota
and around the nation faced with:
> Less habitat than ever
> More human encroachment into what habitat remains
> Loss of protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
> Fierce anti-wolf sentiment from a small but vocal minority of people
>  Atmosphere of violence leading to vicious attacks on wolves.
> The possibility of being hunted for their fur
>The wolf is an ancient native of this country and needs our protection
>always. Join the Minnesota Wolf Alliance, Northwoods Animal Alliance and
Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and?
> Rushing to remove the wolf from the ESA for political reasons
> ESA removal without ecologically sound state management plans
> Wolf hunting and trapping
> Indiscriminate killing and vicious attacks on wolves
> More emphasis on positive public education about wolves
> Responsible, ecologically sound state wolf management plans
> A commitment to ensure the protection of wolves and their
> habitat for future generations
> Ending the myth of little red riding hood
>Our thanks to Spirit of the Wolf Walk sponsors:
> HOWL (Help Our Wolves Live)  F.A.T.E. (Friends of Animals and Their
>Environment)  Indigenous Environmental Agency  Animal Rights Coalition
> Defenders of Wildlife  Animal Protection Institute (Midwest Regional
>For more information regarding booths or walk route call:
>Jean Brave Heart /Minnesota Wolf Alliance/PO Box 6351/Mpls, MN 55406
(612) 837-1754  jbraveheart@sprynet.com
> Rebecka Larmer/Northwoods Animal Alliance/1346 Arrowhead Road #311,
Duluth, MN 55811  (218) 525-7282 animals@dlth.uswest.net
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