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Great Lakes Fishery Commission Seeks Comments on Draft Habitat Policy

Great Lakes Fishery Commission Seeks Comments on Draft Habitat Policy

Dear Friend of the Great Lakes:

The protection and rehabilitation of aquatic habitat in the Great Lakes
are crucial to the health and diversity of the fisheries that are so
valuable to the people of the region.   Too often, however, loss of
fishing habitat--resulting from development, agriculture, waste
disposal, and myriad other activities--plagues the quality of the Great
Lakes fisheries and hinders their rehabilitation.

In an effort to define and promote the habitat needs of fish
communities, to work with other fish management and environmental
agencies to meet those needs, and to create the means for charting
progress in meeting those needs, the Habitat Advisory Board of the Great
Lakes Fishery Commission has prepared a draft Binational Habitat Policy
and Action Plan.  

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission invites your comments on this draft
policy.  Copies are available via the commission's website at
http://www.glfc.org/habitat.htm or in hard-copy format through the
commission's secretariat (734-662-3209 x 10 or nmshutt@glfc.org). A
comment form for your response is found on the commission's website or
will be mailed with a hard copy.  Please submit your comments by October
15, 1998.

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission relies on the help of government
agencies, users, environmental organizations, conservation groups, and
the public to guide its decision-making process.  We welcome and value
your comments about this policy.