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Great Lakes Benthos Special Session

Posted on behalf of James H. Thorp <thorp@agent.clarkson.edu>

The North American Benthological Society would like to announce a focus
on Great Lakes Benthic Science at the May 25 - 28, 1999 meeting in
Duluth MN.  In addition to benthic invertebrate ecology, we are
encouraging people working on other issues involving the benthic
environment or aquatic invertebrates to plan on attending/presenting at
the meeting.  

There will be both a plenary and a special sessions devoted to "Current
Issues in Great Lakes Benthic Science".  We are seeking speakers for a
special session on topics including fate & transport of contaminants,
biomonitoring, nutrient & carbon cycling in sediments & the water
column, conserving/preserving regional habitats. This will be an
excellent opportunity to see the latest research on the Great Lakes as
well as meet the individuals involved.  

The North American Benthological Society wants to encourage information
exchange across the range of aquatic sciences (ecology, chemistry,
management, policy) and welcomes your involvement.  For more information
on attending or presenting, see our webpage http:/www.benthos.org or
contact Andy Casper (casperaf@clarkson.edu or 315-268-3834)