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I have had a malfunction in my email program and have lost all records
stored in my out mailbox and also lost several emails that I had not sent out
yet in response to emails that I had received. If you have sent me an email
message within the last 7 days 
and have not received a response from me, please know that this
is why I have not replied to your message. So either resend your message or
know that I have no record if I had responded to your message or not.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
In addition, I have just found out that
Eudora Light and Eudora Pro have a limited capacity for keeping
emails in the "In" mailbox and the "out" mailbox. If you exceed their
capacity it will delete some or all of your emails stored in those
two mailboxes. So it is a good idea to transfer emails in the "in" or
"out" mailboxes to another mailbox on a regular - monthly basis.

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