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Bison DEIS hearings. Sign on to Plan B: the Buffalo's Alternative

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 Subject: 	Bison DEIS hearings. Sign on to Plan B: the Buffalo's
 Minneapolis, MN - October 6, 1998
 Thunderbird Hotel and Conference Center, Shoshone Room
 2201 East 78th Street
 Bloomington, MN
 Starting July 27th in Helena Montana, and continuing through October 6 n
 Minneapolis, MN, there will be a series of public hearings on the DEIS for
 Bison Management in Montana and Yellowstone. There is list of times and
 places for the hearings at the bottom of this list for you to attend.
 You also can sign on and show your support for Plan B, a plan developed by
 wildlife biologists and veterinarians that addresses brucellosis issues,
 while allowing the bison to roam free, and that adheres to the principles
 below. You can find more information about Plan B and sign on with our
 online signup form at: http://www.wildrockies.org/PlanB/, or you can write
 for more information at mailto:planb@wildrockies.org.
 Check out the website--it contains lots of info about the issue, as well
 sample comment letters, and links to an online summary of the DEIS, and a
 page for comments.
 You can use the following points when writing your comments, or speaking
 the hearings:
 * Allow bison to roam free
 	* This is the largest, longest free-roaming buffalo herd in North
 	* Allow buffalo to occupy their traditional winter ranges outside
 	* No quarantine facilities
 	* No Special Management Areas (SMAs)
 * Manage brucellosis, not buffalo
 	* Vaccinate cattle first.
  	* Study brucellosis in all Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wildlife
  	* Accept scientifically based risk-management of brucellosis instead
 	  zero tolerence and eradication
 * Allow natural processess to control herd size
  	* No artificial population caps
  	* Hunting is not necessary
 * Treat buffalo like wildlife, not cattle
  	* Buffalo have complex social and family structures
  	* Traditional knowledge of migration and winter feeding grounds are
 	  when buffalo are confined
  	* Shift management of buffalo in Montana from the Department of
 	  Livestock to the Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks
 * Give preference to buffalo over cattle on public grazing lands outside
  	* Acquire critical buffalo winter range
  	* manage existing grazing allotments for wildlife, not cattle
 * Redo the DEIS, or issue a Supplemental EIS
  	* Its actions do not follow its purpose and need
  	* has flawed assumptions
 	* does not have a true no-action alternative
  	* does not have a full range of alternatives
  	* The management tools proposed in the DEIS would domesticate the
 	  Yellowstone Buffalo.
 Hearings time and places:
 Public meetings held by the EIS comment team will be held in each city
 2:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. Verbal and written comments will be accepted.
 Verbal comments will be limited to 5 minutes per person.
 Helena, MT - July 27, 1998
 Best Western Colonial Inn
 Capital Room
 2301 Colonial Drive
 Gardiner, MT - July 29, 1998
 Gardiner School
 510 Stone Street
 Jackson, WY - August 10, 1998
 Virginian Lodge
 Buffalo Room
 750 West Broadway
 Idaho Falls, ID - August 11, 1998
 Best Western, Stardust Motor Lodge
 Russett Room
 700 Lindsay Blvd
 West Yellowstone, MT - August 13, 1998
 Holiday Inn
 West Yellowstone Conference Hotel Can/Dun/Geyster Room
 315 Yellowstone Ave.
 Billings, MT - August 25, 1998
 Holiday Inn Billings Plaza, Lewis & Clark/Yellowstone Room
 5500 Midland Road
 Cody, WY - August 27, 1998
 Holiday Inn, Taggarts Rooms 1, 2, 3
 1701 Sheridan Avenue
 Denver, CO - September 1, 1998
 Holiday Inn Denver West Village
 Golden Room
 14707 West Colfax Avenue
 Salt Lake City, UT - September 3, 1998
 Wyndham Hotel, Grand Ballroom
 215 West South Temple
 Missoula MT - September 15, 1998
 2 pm - 9 pm.
 Public Library, 301 E. Main
 Large Public Meeting Room
 Washington, DC - September 17, 1998
 Sumner School Museum and Archives
 1201 17th St. NW
 San Francisco, CA - September 23, 1998
 Palace Hotel, Sea Cliff Room
 Austin, TX - September 29, 1998
 Holiday Inn South
 3401 S. Interstate Hwy. 35
 Minneapolis, MN - October 6, 1998
 Thunderbird Hotel and Conference Center, Shoshone Room
 2201 East 78th Street
 Bloomington, MN
 For more information about the DEIS, Plan B, or the public hearings on
 Bison Management in Montana and Yellowstone, contact:
 Meghan Fay
 The Ecology Center
 801 B. Sherwood
 Missoula, MT 59802

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