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Aquatic Insect Sampling workshop

Posted on behalf of Sharon Baker <bakersl@state.mi.us>

Aquatic Insect Sampling, Identification and Use in Monitoring Water

A Workshop Presented by the Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries

This intensive 3-day course will focus on practical field and lab
experience in identifying major groups of stream macroinvertebrates. 
Methodologies used to sample, collect, and assess the aquatic biota as
indicators of  water quality will be demonstrated.  This is a "hands-on"
course (limited to 25 students) and is intended to prepare individuals
for monitoring aquatic macroinvertebrates in streams and rivers.

Dr. Richard Merritt, co-author of An Introduction to Aquatic Insects of
North America, will instruct this field intensive short course.  Dr.
Merritt is a Professor of Entomology at Michigan State University where
he teaches courses in stream ecology and aquatic entomology.  Some of
the topics he will cover include:

- an introduction to morphological and behavioral adaptations of aquatic
insects in relation to their environment
- functional feeding group concepts and the use of functional group keys
- field sampling protocols, habitat analysis, collection and
preservation techniques
- principles of biomonitoring

October 5-7
Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological 
Station near Kalamazoo, Michigan

Lodging and Meals for 2 nights, 3 days:  $105.00

Course Fee:  $250.00 
The course fee includes all instruction, use of laboratory and
microscopes, field trips, course booklet, and materials for a personal
 collection (if desired), and continuing education credit

Registration Deadline:  September 21, 1998

Contact Person:
Sharon L. Baker
Department of Environmental Quality
Surface Water Quality Division
P.O. Box 30273
Lansing, MI 48909-7773
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