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News Release - Annual Meeting of the Rivers Council of Minnesota in Cloquet, MN

Ken Margolis, President of River Network, will speak to the annual meeting
of the Rivers Council of Minnesota at Saturday, Oct. 3, at the University
of Minnesota Forestry Center at Cloquet.  The actual meeting is 10 a.m to
noon.  There will be river rafting, hiking or biking in the afternoon. 
Margolis will speak at a barbecue at about 5 p.m. Saturday, and we are
inviting as many people as possible to this event (people are welcome all
day of course!)

Margolis became President of River Network last year, after serving as
Chairman of its Board of Directors. River Network is a national nonprofit
organization whose mission is to help people organize to protect and
restore rivers and watersheds.  It has been helping Rivers Council of
Minnesota to organize since 1994.  As chair of the board, Ken helped draft
River Network's five year strategic plan to systemmatically expand the
state and local river and watershed protectoin movement in the U.S.  Before
coming on the River Network staff,  Ken helped found Ecotrust and Ecotrust
Canada, organizations devoted to working with local communities in Oregon,
the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.  The groups work to strengthen
their local economies while protecting the environment.

In his first letter to River Networks friends and members as president, Ken

"It seems strange, in a way, that America's conservation movement has
evolved into a collection of specialist protect endeavours.  Forests,
rivers, oceans, deserts, ducks and insects, birds and rare plants: it seems
that every component of the natural work has its own organized protectors.

"The reason this can seem strange is that environmentalism's greatest
insight is that everything is connected...Of course, the specialized
approaches to conservation have risen from the specific issues raised in
different kinds of ecosystems, and the boides of knowledge and law that
have grown from them.  In many ways, this diversity strengthens our

"Still it is useful to remember -- precisely because everything is
connected -- that ultimately, it is whole systems that we must protect,
management, and restore."

There will be a $10 charge for non-members.  There is more information
available including an annual report for the Rivers Council 
($5) charge.  Call 612/676-1745 or send email to info@riversmn.org (or the
address and phone number below).


Molly MacGregor
Rivers  Council of Minnesota
P.O. Box 1107
Walker, MN 56484
218/547-3583 voice and fax