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Biological Phosphorus Removal Design

Do you have an interest in the design of Biological Phosphorus Removal 
(BPR) systems?  If so check out the new Wisconsin Department of 
Natural Resources web site 
 WDNR is using the world wide web to make available recently published 
research on BPR generated by the Ashland Biological Phosphorus Removal 
Study.  You can now access Research Report 174 "Wastewater 
Characterization for Evaluation of Biological Phosphorus Removal."  In 
addition,  you can download the ENBIR (Enhanced Biological Nutrient 
Removal) computer design program developed by Professor Jim Park of 
the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Future offerings will include 
a report on a new BPR Potential Test and an evaluation of an 
intermittent aeration mode of operation in use at the City of Ashland. 
 These materials are provided free of charge to promote the use of 
Biological Phosphorus Removal techniques as an alternative to chemical 
addition.  The Ashland Biological Phosphorus Removal Study is the 
result of a partnership between WDNR, the University of 
Wisconsin-Madison and the City of Ashland and was funded through a 
grant from the Great Lakes Protection Fund.

Paper copies of the published reports are also available free of 
charge.  For information contact Gerald Novotny at (608) 267 7625 or 
e-mail: novotg@dnr.state.wi.us.

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