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Current Measurement Technology Conference

Posted on behalf of Ron George <rgeorge@jps.net>

Second Call for Papers for the Sixth
 Current Measurement Technology Conference
 to be held March 11-13, 1999 at the Bahia Hotel
 in San Diego, CA.

 This is an intenational conference held every 5 years.
 Abstracts of 200 words must be submitted no later
    than October 15, 1998.

 Topics will include:
 - Direct Measurements:  Eulerian and Lagrangian
 - Indirect Methods for Measuring Currents Including
   Hydrography, Topography, and Altimetry
 - Remote Sensing Including Acoustic and Radar

 web site:  http://cmtc.whoi.edu

 Contact person:
 Albert J. Williams 3rd
 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
 MS #12 - Bigelow Bldg.
 Woods Hole, MA   02543
 phone:  508-289-2725 or
 email: awilliams@whoi.edu or
 fax:  508-457-2194