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Funding for Aquatic Nuisance Species Control Program

     Senator Glenn is considering an amendment to the Senate Interior 
     Appropriations bill which would increase funding for the Aquatic 
     Nuisance Species Control Program of the Fish and Wildlife Service by 
     $1 million.  The amendment uses the controversial timber road 
     construction program, recently stripped from the House version of the 
     bill, as an offset.  The amendment is expected to come to floor tonight
     or tomorrow.
     The National Invasive Species Act of 1996 expanded the 
     responsibilities of the Fish and Wildlife Service under this program 
     to a national scope.  Funds for FY 1998 were increased from $1.2 
     million to $2.2 million, but the Senate committee recommendation for 
     level funding for FY 1999 would not provide sufficient funds to both 
     continue the expansion of the national effort and maintain the current 
     Great Lakes program.  The Glenn amendment would provide the $1 million 
     increase requested by the administration for a balanced program.  
     Elements provided for by the $1 million increase include:
        Increases to:

     $250,000 ANS State Management Plans 
     $150,000 Ballast Water Management Demonstrations
     $150,000 NIS Coordination & technical assistance
     $130,000 100th Meridian Initiative
     $100,000 Brown Tree Snake Control Program
     $ 55,000 Assessment of recent introductions
     $ 50,000 Cooperative efforts to control the spread of round goby
     $ 30,000 Alaska Ballast Water Program
     $ 25,000 Establishing baseline information on ANS in port complexes
     $ 25,000 Erie Canal NIS Dispersal Barrier
     $ 15,000 Great Lakes Panel
     $ 10,000 Western Regional Panel
     $ 10,000 Outreach activities

    $1,000,000 Total
        Your efforts on behalf of this important legislation can make a 
difference.  Please call your Senators and tell them to support this amendment. 
     For more information contact, Rochelle Sturtevant at 202-224-4229.