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NOAA's Coastal GeoTools '99 Conference

Posted on behalf of Stephen Meador <smeador@csc.noaa.gov>

The NOAA Coastal Services Center (CSC) is pleased to announce the
Coastal GeoTools '99 conference to be held in Charleston, South
Carolina, April 5 to 7, 1999.  The purpose of this conference will be to
increase participants' awareness and understanding of geospatial data,
tools, and technology applications for studying and effectively
managing the coastal environment.  We plan to provide an interesting and
stimulating collection of speaker presentations, interactive posters,
and special interest meetings for our conference participants, and we
hope that you will consider attending.

Although we see our primary audience as state coastal resource managers
and planners, our desire is to have a diverse mix of government,
industry, and academic participants at Coastal GeoTools '99.  While we
hope to provide you with an excellent learning opportunity and a chance
to interact with others interested in using geospatial technologies to
solve coastal management problems, we also want to provide you with an
opportunity to share your perspective.  Please consider presenting
your efforts and insights by submitting an abstract for oral or poster
presentation.  The deadline for abstract submittal is December 1, 1998.

Please visit our website at www.csc.noaa.gov/GeoTools99/ to see our list
of potential conference topics, learn about abstract submission
procedures, or sign up for our mailing list.  Information on invited
speakers, conference registration (which opens in early October), and
accommodations will be added soon, so please check the site regularly.

Thanks, and we hope to see you next spring in historic downtown
Charleston for Coastal GeoTools '99.

Please note that although every effort has been made to target the
appropriate people and organizations for this announcement, we realize
some recipients may not be interested while other potential participants
may have been overlooked.  You can help us reach our intended audience
by forwarding this message to others who might find this conference of
interest.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Steve Meador
CIS Program Coordination Officer
NOAA Coastal Services Center
2234 South Hobson Avenue
Charleston, South Carolina  29405-2413
(843)740-1334    (843)740-1315 (fax)
email:  smeador@csc.noaa.gov