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U.S. EPA GIS Conference -- Call for Abstracts

Pasted in below is a U.S. EPA Call for Abstracts that may be of interest
to your readers.  

Any help in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Goldberg
Support Contractor to U.S. EPA's Center for Environmental Research
                      **CALL FOR ABSTRACTS**
                  -- Apologies for any cross-posting --

                     Environmental Problem Solving
                 with Geographic Information Systems
                          A National Conference

              The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                 Office of Research and Development
           National Risk Management Research Laboratory

     As a follow-up to its highly successful 1994 conference, the
United States Environmental Protection Agency again wishes to
convene researchers and scientists who are using geographical
information systems to solve environmental problems.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, August or September, 1999
Conference Focus

     The goal of this conference will be to exchange information on
the process of using GIS in environmental applications, rather than
on the programming of specific GIS systems.  While the approach
to using GIS will vary from application to application, a common, 
technically sound framework for applying GIS to environmental
problems should be used.

The objectives of the conference are to:

-- Identify the spectrum of the applications of GIS to environmental
problem solving, especially in the areas of watershed and groundwater
protection, nonpoint source water pollution assessment and control,
and cross-media contamination and management.
-- Define the process to be followed in applying GIS to environmental
situations by presenting a wide range of applications describing actual
experiences and lessons learned.

     Specifically, this conference seeks to examine each component of
this problem-solving process with papers that address the following:

-- Problem identification and definition;
-- Data requirements (coverage, scale), availability, documentation,
reliability, and acquisition;
-- Approaches considered and selected for solving the problem;
-- Unique challenges and pitfalls encountered; and
-- Interpretation of results, including level of confidence achieved
based on data quality and approach taken.

     Solving environmental problems has become more complex with 
consideration of cross-media pollutant transport and watershed-based
decision-making.  The application of geographic information systems
(GIS) to environmental problem solving has increased greatly the 
manipulation and analysis of relational and spatial data -- providing
environmental decision makers with a powerful tool for the analysis
of multi-media environmental data over increasingly broad areas
(watersheds, states, regions).


     You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for consideration
as a conference presentation.  The conference will be held in
Cincinnati, Ohio during August or September 1999.  Interested
individuals should submit a one page, single spaced abstract,
(approximately 500 words), on or before November  20, 1998.  You will
receive notification of selection by December 31, 1998.  Your abstract
should include:

-- paper title
-- author(s)
-- presenter
-- objectives
-- brief overview of content

Submit abstracts by fax or email by November 20, 1998 to:  

Lisa Kulujian, SAIC
email: lisa.k.kulujian@cpmx.saic.com
215-635-9040 phone
215-635-9060 fax

For technical content information, contact Sue Schock
(513-569-7551) at U.S. EPA's National Risk Management
Research Laboratory.