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     The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1481, the Great Lakes 
     Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act on September 23, 1998.
     The manager's amendment passed by the House differs in a few points 
     from the version passed by the House Resources committee on August 5, 
     1) Language attached to the bill by the Subcommittee which authorized 
     USGS/BRD Cooperative Research Units for the States of Michigan and New 
     Jersey were removed from the bill.  Colloquy between Mr. Kildee (MI) 
     and Mr. Gilchrest on the floor of the House indicated the committee 
     and subcommittee willingness to revisit the issue of Cooperative 
     Research Units in future legislation.
     2) Throughout the bill, vestment of the oversight authority (call for 
     proposals, setting forth the form for proposals, final selection and 
     funding of proposals) for the program  was moved from the Secretary of 
     the Interior back to the Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service (as 
     in the original version introduced by Congressman LaTourette).
     3) The proposal review committee will make its recommendations 
     directly to the Director of the Fish and Wildife Service (as in the 
     original bill) rather than to the Council of Lake Committee who then 
     make recommendations to the Director (as in the Committee passed 
     bill); however, the proposal review committee will operate under the 
     guidance of the Council of Lake Committees.
     4) The authorization of appropriations was extended from 2003 through 
     In additional floor colloquy, Rep. Gilchrest noted that among the 32 
     Recommendations of the Great Lakes Fishery Resources Restoration Study 
     (priorities for proposal selection) is the recommendation that a study 
     be conducted on the effects of cormorant predation on the fish 
     population.  This issue has been of considerable concern to several 
     members of the House in recent months.
     For additional information, background or copies of legislation 
     Rochelle Sturtevant
     Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force