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Mercury Agreement Signed

Posted on behalf of Maxine Appleby <mappleby@lkmichiganforum.org>

On Friday, September 26, three  northwest Indiana steel mills  --
Bethlehem Steel Burns Harbor, Ispat Inland Inc. Indiana Harbor Works,
and U.S. Steel Gary Works -- signed a voluntary agreement with the Lake
Michigan Forum, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the
Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to reduce the use
of mercury at their facilities.  

The mills have agreed to inventory mercury in equipment,
materials, in storage, and in waste streams at their northwest Indiana
facilities.  The effort will result in facility specific reduction plans
that will detail pollution prevention activities through equipment
substitutions, purchasing practices, recycling, better management, and
employee education.

The companies signed the agreement as part of  the Lake Michigan
Primary Metals Project, a pollution prevention effort initiated by the
Lake Michigan Forum -- a stakeholder group that provides input to EPA on
the Lake Michigan Lakewide Management Plan and includes representatives
from academia, business, environmental and sportfishing groups, and
local governments.  Mercury is identified in the plan as a persistent
toxic pollutant in Lake Michigan.

For more information on the agreement please refer to the Lake Michigan
Forum's web site located at http://www.lkmichiganforum.org