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GIS Training Course: Shoreland and Coastal Management Using ArcView

GLIN Announce Subscribers,

Here is some information about an upcoming GIS training
course on GIS for coastal and shoreland management.
There are still 7 openings for the course.

-David Hart
Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility/Sea Grant Institute
University of Wisconsin-Madison
email: dhart@macc.wisc.edu
Shoreland and Coastal Management Using ArcView
October 14, 1998 -- 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Course Fee: $250
Enrollment Limit: 16 persons

This workshop will examine the use of ArcView desktop GIS software to
build GIS applications for inland lake and Great Lakes coastal development
management using local government spatial data.  The coarse will utilize a
"hands-on" approach that will allow the registrant to follow along in the 
development of the applications. 

The morning session will focus on the use of GIS for inland lake shoreland
management.   It is more introductory in nature and starts from the beginning
of the application development process.  The GIS application that will be
utilizes data sets for Blue Lake in northwest Oneida County near Minocqua in
north-central Wisconsin.  
The five sections of the exercise include:
1. import and integration of the local government spatial data used in the
2. analysis of assessed value and property ownership patterns around the lake;
3. review and analysis of shoreland zoning regulations impacting the lake;
4. notification of property owners concerning septic system maintenance, and;
5. linkage of scanned photos with map information to aid in zoning
and visual assessment.

The afternoon session will focus on the use of GIS for Great Lakes coastal
development management.  It will cover development of alternative setbacks
based on recession rates and bluff stability factors and how these setbacks
relate to existing buildings, parcels, and natural features.

Both the inland lake and Great Lakes training exercises have been conducted
several times with registrants from Wisconsin.  Those interested in the
course from outside Wisconsin are encouraged to register.  On-line
forms and information about other LICGF GIS training courses are available 
from the following web site:
More specific information about the course can be obtained from David Hart 
by email at dhart@macc.wisc.edu or by phone at (608) 263-5534.
More specific information about registration can be obtained from
CALS Outreach Services at UW-Madison at (608) 263-1672.  
David A. Hart, AICP
Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Room B102, Steenbock Library
550 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706
phone: (608) 263-5534
fax: (608) 262-2500
email: dhart@macc.wisc.edu