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GLTF FYI - Ag Appropriations


The House Approved the Conference on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and 
Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill on October 2.  The
Senate is considering the bill now (October 5) with a vote expected around 5.

     Great Lakes Provisions in the Agriculture Appropriations Conference.
     ($ in millions)
                                                House   Senate   Conference
     Conservation Operations                    641     638      641
       Great Lakes Basin Program                  0.5     0.35     0.5
     Environmental Quality Incentives Program   174     200      174
     (acres in thousands)
     Wetland Reserve Program                    130     120      120
     Conservation Reserve Program             36400   36400    36400
     Senate language establishing a pilot program to permit haying and 
     grazing on CRP land was struck in conference.  
     "The conferees do not agree with the Senate report language citing 
     problems that have arisen with the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). 
     However, the conferees concur with Senate report language that 
     encourages the USDA to structure the terms of WRP contracts so that 
     high priority is given to the consideration of adjacent landowners, 
     including but not limited to the maintenance of watershed protection." 
     For more information contact:
     Rochelle Sturtevant
     Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force