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Web request for Environmental Monitoring groups

Please reply to <sym.sunga@utoronto.ca>

Hello there!

My name is Sym.  I am a student at the University of Toronto, enrolled
in a course called 'Envionmental Factors & Decision Making' (INI 220Y).

Currently, I am working with a group of 5 students on an upcoming
project, supervised by Citizens Environmental Watch (CEW), in which we
are to create WEBPAGES for other Environmental MONITORING Groups,
preferably  within or near the Toronto Area.

We are seeking assistance in finding some Env. Monitoring Groups who may
be interested in having a webpage created for them.  This can also be
used to their advantage as they will (at no cost) aquire additional
advertising and promotion on the INTERNET - a powerful and magnificent
tool in the world TODAY.  It would be especially useful for those Env.
Monitoring groups who are just looking for some initial exposure, just
to let the world know that they exist!

We would greatly appreciate any help you can give us.  

Thanks for your time.