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Great Lakes Fishery Trust Call for Pre-Proposals

Posted on behalf of Kelly Stewart <KSTEWART@pscinc.com>


The Great Lakes Fishery Trust (GLFT) is inviting pre-proposals from
non-profit organizations and governmental agencies for grant funds in
two categories; Great Lakes Angler Access and Rehabilitation of Great
Lakes Fish Populations.  

The GLFT is a unique funding source established as part of a legal
settlement to mitigate fish losses caused by the operation of the
Ludington Pumped Storage Facility.

The GLFT is administered by a six-member board of trustees and two
provisional trustees representing the plaintiffs in the legal case.  A
Scientific Advisory Team (SAT) made up of technical advisors of all
parties to the settlement and other fisheries scientists designated
under the terms of the settlement advise the GLFT on grant projects.
Further information on the GLFT can be found on its WEB site

Under the provisions of the settlement, the GLFT is authorized to
provide grants in a number of categories to enhance Great Lakes
fisheries including angler access, rehabilitation of fish populations,
fisheries research, fisheries habitat protection and enhancement, public
education about the fishery and property acquisition related to these
purposes. At its August meeting, the GLFT approved a schedule for the
1989-90 grant cycle for general solicitation of  pre-proposal grant
applications in three of the grant categories.  

The first two categories are covered in this announcement.  An
announcement soliciting pre-proposals in targeted fisheries research
areas is scheduled for December 1998.

The GLFT will be conducting program evaluations and needs assessments in
the categories of fisheries habitat and public education during the next
twelve months and no general solicitation for new projects in these two
categories will be made in the 1998-99 grant cycle.

The SAT will screen pre-proposals on behalf of the GLFT based upon the
guidelines available on the GLFT Web site.  All organizations submitting
pre-proposals will be notified of the decisions of the SAT and
successful applicants will be provided guidelines and deadlines for
submission of full grant proposals.  The SAT will evaluate the full
proposals and make its final recommendations for funding to the GLFT. 
Grants are targeted for award by July 1999.

If you are interested in submitting a pre-proposal, we encourage you to
access additional information on the GLFT Web site.   In addition to the
application materials, you can download a copy of the GLFT Strategic
Plan and access information on the seven pilot projects funded by the
GLFT in 1988.

We encourage you to share this pre-proposal announcement with other
individuals and organizations who you believe may be interested in
applying for a grant.   We also encourage those interested in receiving
future announcements to contact us by telephone, mail, or e-mail. 

If you have further questions about the pre-proposal process, please
contact Chris Monsma (SAT Coordinator), Kelly Reynolds Stewart
(Assistant Trust Manager), or me. 

Jack D. Bails, Trust Manager

Great Lakes Fishery Trust
600 West St. Joseph, Suite 10
Lansing, MI  48933-2265
517/371-7468 Voice
517/484-6549 Facsimile