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Stakeholders Forum of the Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy

Dear Interested Stakeholder:

We would like to cordially invite you to attend the next meeting of the
Stakeholders Forum  of the Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy. The U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency  (USEPA) and Environment Canada will be
hosting this one-day meeting on Monday, November 16,  1998, from 8:30 to
5:00 pm in the 3rd floor conference area at EPA Region V Headquarters, 77
W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL.

The purpose of the meeting is for Environment Canada, USEPA, States,
Provinces, Tribes/First
Nations, industry, environmental groups and other stakeholders to discuss
and report on  progress-to-date under the Binational Toxics Strategy, and to
highlight significant  stakeholder reduction activities.  In addition, the
afternoon session will provide a forum  for the substance-specific Work
Groups to meet and discuss their efforts on the reduction  challenges.  In
addition, we will be asking for your assessment of the Binational Toxics
Strategy implementation process to-date, and any suggestions that you may
have for  improvements.

Attached are the following documents: 1) draft agenda; 2) registration form;
3) a list of  the U.S. and Canadian Leaders for each work group; and 4)
logistical information regarding  transportation and lodging.  If you have
not already done so, please contact the individual  work group Team Leader
if you wish to serve on a work group.  Please fax or email the  attached
registration form as soon as possible but no later than November 11, 1998.

For background documents related to the Binational Toxics Strategy, please
see our web page  at http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/bns or www. cciw.ca/glimr/.
Thank you for your continued  interest and participation in the Great Lakes
Binational Toxics Strategy.


Gary Gulezian
Great Lakes National Program Office
USEPA Region 5

Ron Shimizu
Environmental Protection Branch
Ontario Region, Environment Canada

Enclosures (5)

Registration form
Hotel information
Directions from the airport
draft agenda
U.S./Canadian workgroup

R E G I S T R A T I O N   F O R M


Meeting Date: November 16, 1998

The one-day meeting will be held at the EPA offices in Chicago, 77 West
Jackson Boulevard,
Third Floor.

If you are interested in attending, please complete and return this
Registration Form to the
appropriate contact below by November 11th, either by email or fax to:

                           Kim Turner
        Ross & Associates Environmental Consulting, Ltd.
         1218 Third Ave., Suite 1207, Seattle, WA  98101
                       phone: 206-447-1805
                        fax: 206-447-0956
                  email: bnsstake@ross-assoc.com Madhu Malhotra
                       Environment Canada
                       phone: 416-739-4191
                        fax: 416-739-4804
                 email: madhu.malhotra@ec.gc.ca


    Name ____________________________________________________

Title ____________________________________

________________ _______

Phone _______________________ Fax _______________________E-Mail

  Workgroup meeting you will attend (midday breakout session):

                 Please Circle One:             Alkyl-Lead
                                                Benzo (A) Pyrene and HCBs
                                                Dioxins and Furans

Do you plan to attend the related November 17 Utility Conference sponsored
by the Mercury
         Workgroup?     ___ yes    ___ no     ___ not sure


USEPA has arranged for a block of rooms at both the Palmer House Hilton
(located at 17 East
Monroe Street) and the Union League Club (65 W. Jackson). The rooms at the
Palmer House
Hilton will be at the rate of $104.50 plus tax (roughly $119); they can be
reserved by  calling the hotel directly at (312) 726-7500, extension 5975
and referring to the US EPA/The  Binational Toxics Strategy block of rooms.

The rooms at the Union League Club will be offered at the rate of $69 for
States and Tribes  and $104.50 plus tax for other participants.  The rooms
can be reserved by calling by  calling 1-800-443-0578 for a reservation.
The rooms will be under the USEPA- Binational  Toxics Strategy.
The Union League Club has a dress code, described as business casual.  This
means at a
minimum, khaki-type pants and shirts with collars, but no jeans.  There are
also a number of
other hotels in the area, including the Midland (312) 332-1200 and the
Chicago Hilton (312)

Proposed Draft Agenda
Binational Toxics Strategy Stakeholder Forum
November 16, 1998
77 W.Jackson Blvd
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL

          8:30AM    Meeting Check-in

          9:00AM    Welcome, Overview, and Purpose of Meeting (David

          9:10AM    Progress Summary (Ron Shimizu and Gary Gulezian)

          9:40 AM   Partner Activities Presentations

          10:30AM   BREAK

          10:45 AM  Partner Activities Presentations, continued

          11:30 AM  Challenge to Workgroups/Directions for Workgroup
                    You will be given directions to breakout rooms for
individual workgroup

          11:40 AM  Lunch (on your own)

          12:40PM   Workgroup Meetings

          4:00PM    Plenary Discussion: Workgroup Plans, Lessons Learned,

          5:00PM    Adjourn

          NOTES:    Some chemical-specific workgroups are planning to
continue discussions  on
          November 17.  Please check in with your workgroup chair re: this

                    The Integration Group will not be meeting on November

Getting Downtown from the Airports

This information sheet is intended to get you into the downtown area from
both Midway and  O’Hare Airports.  The information contained herein is
reasonably accurate, but may be  subject to change.

                By Train
Escalators descend from the terminal to an underground corridor (it’s safe)
and an  eight-minute walk, partly on moving walkways, to the CTA (Chicago
Transit Authority) Blue  Line Terminal.  Signs show the way from all the
airlines.  The L (elevated train) fare is  $1.50, payable in coins, or a
transit card can be purchased for a minimum of $3.00 (can be  used for two
rides); a train is always waiting.  Go 16 stops to Washington/Dearborn; 17
stops for the Monroe/Dearborn; 18 stops for Jackson/Dearborn, and get off.
You are in the  Loop for the hotels.  The Jackson/Dearborn is the closest to
EPA Regional Headquarters.
          Reverse the process going back.  Takes about 50 minutes.

                By Taxi
One way cab fare is about $30 plus a 15 percent  tip.  The ride is about 29
minutes on a  good day (but there aren’t many good days).  Note: See
share-ride info under Midway taxis.

                By Limo
$30 to $50 for a sedan, $45 to $65 for a limo.  About 29 minutes.

                By Bus
Continental Air Transport runs buses and vans to various downtown hotels.
One way fare is
$14.75, $25.50 round trip.  Call them at 800-654-7871.  Normal travel time
is about 25-45
minutes.  Watch signs for buses and taxis at the terminal.  Buses run every
half-hour           beginning at 5 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Midway Airport, Heading Downtown -

                By Train The CTA’s Orange Line leave Midway terminal east on 57th
Street.   The terminal is accessible via a pedway that is a six-minute walk.
The L (elevated train)  fare is $1.50, payable in coins, or a transit card
can be purchased for a minimum of $3.00  (can be used for  two rides).
Trains run every ten minutes.  Go eight stops to the  LaSalle/Van Buren stop
for the EPA Regional Hqs.  We’re a block and a half away.  Or, you  can go
to any of the next seven stops for Loop hotel access.  Time from the airport
is about  25 minutes.

                By Taxi
>From the starter’s booth inside of the terminal into the Loop is $16 to $22.
The price to
share a cab is only $10.  Tell the starter that you want to share a cab and
they designate  the next one as a “share-ride” cab.  From the time you enter
the cab, the driver is  obligated to wait ten minutes for two other
passengers.  Once they enter the cab, you go.   Three riders is maximum.  If
after ten minutes there is only one other passengers, the  driver must take
you at the shared-ride rate.  If no other passengers show up in ten
minutes, you take off and pay the metered rate.  This program also runs out
of O’Hare, but  for $15.  Travel time is 22 minutes.  Drivers expect to be
tipped, however.

                By Bus
See bus particulars under O’Hare, above.  Buses to hotels from Midway are
$10.75 OW, $19
RT.  Runs from 6:25 a.m. through 8:55 p.m.  Takes about 28 minutes.

Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy
Workgroup Leaders


Name/Phone # (all 312 area code)/email

Alexis Cain/886-7018/cain.alexis@epamail.epa.gov

Tony Martig/353-2291/martig.anton@epamail.epa.gov

Linda Martin/353-9486/martin.lindam@epamail.epa.gov

Benzo(a)pyrene and HCB
Steve Rosenthal/886-6052/rosenthal.steve@epamail.epa.gov

Dave Macarus/353-5814/macarus.david@epamail.epa.gov

Tony Kizlauskas/353-8773/kizlauskas.anthony@epamail.epa.gov

Frank Anscombe and Debbie Siebers/353-0201 and
353-9299/anscombe.frank@epamail.epa.gov and  siebers.deborah@epamail.epa.gov

Gary Gulezian and Liz LaPlante/886-4040 and
353-2694/gulezian.gary@epamail.epa.gov and

Environment Canada

Name/Phone # (all 416 area code)/email

Bob Krauel      739-5861        robert.krauel@ec.gc.ca

Hamish St. Rose/739-5865/hamish.st.rose@ec.gc.ca

Sandro Leonardelli/739-5891/sandro.leonardelli@ec.gc.ca

Benzo(a)pyrene and HCB
Tom Tseng/739-5853/tom.tseng@ec.gc.ca

Guy Gilron/739-5866/guy.gilron@ec.gc.ca

Elizabeth Rezek/739-5892/elizabeth.rezek@ec.gc.ca


Ron Shimizu and Alan Waffle/739-5850 and 739-5854/ron.shimizu@ec.gc.ca and

Pranas Pranckevicius
USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office
312 353 3437 (P)  312 353 2018 (F)