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Jobs: Various

Posted on behalf of Tom Anderson <std@savedunes.org>

Howdy folks.

Seems that we've been deluged with a bunch of job openings for quite a
variety of positions. I thought I'd summarize all nine of them here.
Please forward these position notices out to anyone you think might be
interested! Please address your replies or questions back to the email
addresses included with each job position.


1) Womens Voices for the Earth (WVE): Administrative Director
2) Buffalo Nations: Jack or Jane of all trades.
3) Americans for Heritage Forests Job Positions:
   1) Deputy Director
   2) National Media Director
   3) National Field Director
4) Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA): FOREST CAMPAIGN ACTIVIST
5) American Wildlands Job Announcement: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (repost)
6) Alliance for the Wild Rockies: Ecosystem Defense Director (repost)
7) The Ecology Center, Inc: Ecosystem Defense Coordinator (repost)


Womens Voices for the Earth (WVE)
Job Announcement: Administrative Director

Based in Missoula, Montana, Womens Voices for the Earth is a grassroots
environmental justice organization. Our mission is to empower women and
others who historically have had little power in affecting environmental
policy, to create an ecologically sustainable and socially just society.

WVE is seeking a full time Administrative Director whose immediate
responsibilities include collaborating with the Program Director,
managing all financial and administrative aspects of the organization,
planning, and coordinating all fundraising activities in conjunction
with the Development Coordinator.

WVE is in the process of strengthening and expanding the administrative
and organizational aspects of our organization to more effectively
support and sustain our environmental program. The new Administrative
Director will play a primary role in completing this process.

The successful applicant for our Administrative Director position will
possess: previous administrative experience; strong oral and written
communication skills; excellent social and supervisory skills; good
computer skills with accounting and database programs and a general
interest in and agreement with WVE's mission and environmental programs.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
The Administrative Director will be responsible for:

Financial oversight and management:
* work with accountant
* report and advise on finances to the Program Director
* prepare financial reports for the board
* record and deposit all contributions
* maintain and balance WVE accounts
* pay salaries and bills
* prepare the necessary information needed for the accountant to
complete monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports (federal, state
and organizational)

* collaborate with Development Coordinator
* oversee fundraising development including membership, major donor
campaigns, and grant management

* assist and work with WVE staff on newsletter
* communicate with WVE members and board via phone, e-mail and respond
to general inquiries

Board Development:
* plan and implement board meetings and trainings

* manage and maintain personnel records
* manage and purchase office supplies
* manage incoming mail

We are looking for an individual who is experienced in administrative
functions of a non-profit organization, has a demonstrated proficiency
in written and oral communications skills, and has an interest in womens
and environmental issues. The more of the following qualifications the
applicant has, the better:

1. Demonstrated skills with computer database and accounting programs;

2. Well organized and proficient in maintaining good records;

3. Experience and interest in working with members and other supporters
of an organization;

4. Experience and sincere interest in improving administrative functions
and systems;

5. Knowledge of bookkeeping and state and federal tax reporting.

Salary and Benefits:
This position is full time and salary will be commensurate with
experience. Three month probationary period. All paid staff get 20 days
paid vacation annually (to be taken five days per quarter). Vacation
time will start accruing after the three month probationary period.

How to Apply:
Please send letter of introduction, resume (including three work
references), and writing sample to:

Bryony Schwan, Executive Director
Womens Voices for the Earth
210 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite 206
Missoula, Montana 59802

The deadline for applications is October 30, 1998. Position will close
when filled. We hope to hire by early November. For more information,
call (406) 543-3747. To learn more about WVE, visit our web page at


Buffalo Nations: Jack or Jane of all trades.

Job opening: Buffalo Nations is looking for a Jack or Jane of all
trades, ie. mechanic, plumber, carpenter. In other words, a maintenance
person with the winter encampment outside of West Yellowstone. This job
is from November through to April and may involve a small stipend, plus
room and board. Please direct inquiries to Mike Mease or Sarah Chalmers
at (406)646-0070 and leave a message, or mailto:buffalo@wildrockies.org


Americans for Heritage Forests Job Announcements:
  * Deputy Director
  * National Media Director
  * National Field Director

** Deputy Director:

Americans for Heritage Forests (AHF) is seeking a Washington, DC-based
deputy director.  Americans for Heritage Forests is committed solely to
developing an unprecedented level of public support for the protection
of Forest Service roadless areas 1000 acres and larger, and ensuring the
Administration implements a corresponding policy.

Duties include: assisting the campaign director in all facets of the
campaign including strategy implementation, building national support
and developing a high profile media presence; producing and distributing
information to policy-makers in Washington, DC; coordinating the
activities of AHF's Washington, DC team; helping to coordinate the work
of the campaign with campaign partner organizations; and other duties as

The ideal candidate should have experience in building and implementing
successful national campaigns.  DC experience preferred.

Term: one year.
Location: Washington, DC.
Salary: $50,000 - $55,000.

** National Field Director:

Americans for Heritage Forests is seeking a national field director.
Americans for Heritage Forests is committed solely to developing an
unprecedented level of public support for the protection of Forest
Service roadless areas 1000 acres and larger, and ensuring the
Administration implements a corresponding policy.

Duties include: developing and overseeing the implementation of
organizing plans for key states; coordinating the campaign's organizing
efforts with campaign partner organizations; outreach to environmental
organizations and other allies, including arranging slideshows, letter
writing drives, petition drives, postcard drives, phone banking efforts,
etc.; overseeing the maintenance of a national grassroots database;
supervising temporary employees who assist with field work; and other
duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate should have familiarity with computer databases and
e-mail and have a willingness to travel frequently at times.

Term: one year.
Location: Washington, DC.
Salary: $35,000 - $40,000.

** National Media Director:

Americans for Heritage Forests (AHF) is seeking a Washington, DC-based
national media director.  Americans for Heritage Forests is committed
solely to developing an unprecedented level of public support for the
protection of Forest Service roadless areas 1000 acres and larger, and
ensuring the Administration implements a corresponding policy.

Duties include: developing and overseeing the implementation of a
national media strategy; coordinating the campaign's media work with
campaign partner organizations; organizing national editorial board
tours; coordinating ongoing mailings to news writers and editorial
writers, including follow-up; generating a significant volume of
national news articles in the popular media to build the profile of this
issue; and other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate should have experience in developing and
implementing a media strategy associated with a successful national

Term: one year.
Location: Washington, DC.
Salary: $35,000 - $40,000.

Please send resume and letter of interest by November 1 for any of the
above three jobs to:

Ken Rait
Oregon Natural Resources Council
5825 North Greeley
Portland, OR  97217


Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA): FOREST CAMPAIGN ACTIVIST

Job Description - Starting late October, 1998

* on a full-time basis over 3 months (40 hours per week), the employee
will be responsible for completing the last part of a 8 month project to
design and carry out a campaign to protect big wilderness within
Alberta's Foothills Forest region.  The employment may be extended
another 12 months, pending approval of grant funding for 1999.
* the employee will also be responsible for setting up evaluation
measures for the campaign and reporting on the activities and budget of
the campaign to the AWA Board of Directors.
* the work will be based out of the AWA's new Wilderness Walk-In Centre
in Edmonton.
* the employee will conduct their work within the general guidelines of
the AWA's Statement of Mission, Values and Objectives, and the AWA's
Code of Environmental Advocacy.  (These policies are available upon
request from the AWA at the address below.)
* a salary of $14.45 per hour to a total of $10,693 plus standard CPP
and EI for a total of 4 months (92 work days) is available, plus the
cost of materials, communications and travel associated with the
campaign to a total of $5,640.

Basic Qualifications:
* must be a graduate of a college or university and a Canadian citizen.
  Will require transcripts to show education relevant to environmental
* must be under 30 years of age.
* willingness to do considerable traveling in the northern half of
* need own transportation (public transportation is also to be used
where appropriate).

Skills Required:
* environmental activism skills including:
* campaign organizing.
* knowledge and experience in working with local, provincial and
national media.
* communications including good writing and verbal communication skills.
* empowerment of volunteers and volunteer coordination.
* good time-management.
* budget management and ability to evaluate a project,  including
organizing and writing reports.

Send resume, including:

(a) reasons for seeking this job,
(b) skills available specific to this job,
(c) two reference letters (two of the following: academic, work-related,
    personal), and
(d) a one-page outline of how you would approach carrying out a campaign
to protect big wilderness within Alberta’s forested regions .

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Send to:

Dianne Pachal, Conservation Manager
Alberta Wilderness Association
P O Box 6398 Station D
Calgary, AB    T2P 2E1
FAX (403)270-2743


American Wildlands: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

American Wildlands (AWL) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) conservation
organization with a 20-year history of wilderness legislation and
natural resource advocacy in the American West. AWL's mission is to
promote, protect and restore biodiversity and advocate for sustainable
management of the West's wildlands, watersheds and wildlife, with
special attention to the Northern Rockies.

Since 1977, AWL has effectively protected millions of acres of public
land, educated over a thousand citizens to monitor public land
activities, and currently has two well-developed projects: the Westslope
Cutthroat Trout campaign aims to protect this Northern Rockies native
fish and its habitat, and the Corridors of Life Project is designed to
establish protected linkage zones for wildlife habitat and biodiversity
between the region's core ecosystems.  American Wildlands collaborates
with many local organizations to more effectively protect the Northern
Rocky Mountain region.

The E.D. is responsible for directing staff, fundraising, overseeing
programs, communicating with foundations, donors, members, board and

Skills required: proven fundraising track record, leadership and
managerial skills, strong communication skills (written and oral).

Experience desired: conservation and advocacy work, especially in the
Pacific Northwest or Rocky Mountain regions, development experience.

Position is full time in Bozeman, Montana. Some travel and overtime
required, salary range: $37,000 - $50,000 depending on experience.

For job details, please call 406-586-8175 or email

Apply by sending a resume and cover letter by December 1, 1998 to:

E.D. Search Committee
c/o American Wildlands
40 E. Main Street, Suite 2,
Bozeman, Montana 59715.


Kim Davitt
American Wildlands


Alliance for the Wild Rockies: Ecosystem Defense Director

Alliance for the Wild Rockies invites applications for the position of
Ecosystem Defense Director. Alliance for the Wild Rockies is a
non-profit 501(c)(3) grassroots environmental information and action
network. Our mission is to secure the ecological integrity of the Wild
Rockies bioregion through the application of conservation biology,
sustainable economic models, and environmental law.

The Ecosystem Defense director is a three quarter time position at 30
hours per week based in the Missoula office. Salary is commensurate with
entry-level positions in the non-profit conservation movement. Benefits
include paid vacation and health insurance.

The Ecosystem Defense program entails the on-the-ground defense of
natural resources within the Alliance for the Wild Rockies area of
concern. This program uses the administrative appeals process of federal
and state land management agencies and also entails litigation to
prevent, alter, or proscribe certain land management activities.

Duties include monitoring and reviewing agency development proposals and
decisions and preparation and submission of comments on proposed
actions, and when appropriate, preparation and submission of
administrative appeals. The position also includes training and
supervision of interns and volunteers as well as training workshops and
field trips to proposed timber sale areas, etc.

Successful applicants will be mature individuals who can work well with
others in an office environment and who have a working knowledge of
federal natural resource laws including the National Environmental
Policy Act, the National Forest Management Act, the Endangered Species
Act, and the Freedom of Information Act. A college degree in natural
resources, biology, or environmental law is desirable. Computer and
writing skills are a must.

To apply, please send a two page resume, a writing sample, and three
references to:

AWR Ecosystem Defense Position
P.O. Box 8731
Missoula, MT  59807.

Applications will be accepted via regular mail, by fax
(406)721-9917, or by e-mail at: mailto:awr@wildrockies.org

Applications must be postmarked no later than October 21, 1998. Alliance
for the Wild Rockies is an equal opportunity employer.

Alliance for the Wild Rockies


The Ecology Center, Inc: Ecosystem Defense Coordinator

The Ecology Center, Inc. seeks a qualified individual to fill the
position of Ecosystem Defense Coordinator.

The Ecology Center is a regional non-profit, public-interest
conservation organization based in Missoula, Montana.  Ecology Center
ecosystem defense staff work to ensure protection of biological
diversity and ecosystem integrity in the Wild Rockies Bioregion, to
assure agency conformance to environmental legislation, and to increase
citizen participation in public lands management.

This 3/4 to full-time position provides the opportunity to work with
other self-motivated environmental activists within a professional
conservation organization established in 1988.

Applicants must have most of the following qualifications:

* Experience with natural resource and land management issues;

* Working knowledge of environmental laws such as National Environmental
Policy Act, National Forest Management Act, Endangered Species Act,
Clean Water Act, Freedom of Information Act, etc;

* College degree or experience in scientific field, including
familiarity with scientific methodology;

* Ability to be flexible, scheduling weekly and monthly activities to
maximize efficient use of time;

* Excellent written and oral expression skills, computer skills.

Job Duties Include:

* Conducting field monitoring on location where public lands
  management activities are planned or ongoing.

* Participating in the public process in public land management
activities, including field reconnaissance, writing comments and
appeals, and working with legal counsel to prepare litigation.

* Networking and coordinating activities with other individuals and
  conservation groups.

* Educating and empowering other activists and general public via action
  alerts, press releases, media relations, and informational campaigns.

Salary dependant upon levels of experience, education, and other
qualifications.  The Ecology Center welcomes creative inquiries about
flex time, job-sharing, and other innovative working arrangements.

Send resume, two professional references, and letter of application
(email applications accepted) by October 23, 1998  to:

Jeff Juel
The Ecology Center
801 Sherwood Street, Suite B
Missoula Montana  59802