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Job: Director of Communication

Position Announcement: Director of Communication, The Johnson Foundation

The Johnson Foundation manages the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed
Wingspread, for nearly 40 years one of the world's most respected small
conference centers. Wingspread, located in Racine, Wisconsin, brings
together major thinkers, writers, policymakers, and other citizens
committed to addressing and acting upon the central challenge of
democracy, namely building sustainable communities.  Under this theme,
Wingspread convenes conferences on Community (civil society, work,
politics, the media), Family, Education (school reform), and Sustainable
Development/Environment (with an emphasis on land use).

Recognizing that these are deep, tenacious problems that require
discernment, clarity, and a marshalling of public will, the Johnson
Foundation intends that its conferences and briefings reach well beyond
Wingspread to inform public opinion and influence policy.  Consequently
the Foundation is seeking a Director of Communication to shape and run
an ambitious communications program.  

The director will put out a refreshing quarterly journal and web page,
place the best of Wingspread briefings and conferences on public radio
and C-Span, and in general cultivate intersections between the interests
of the world's best journalists and the dialogues at Wingspread.  He or
she will design and run "media and society" conferences, oversee the
re-introduced "Conversations from Wingspread" radio programs, produce
other Foundation publications, and work with local media to enrich local

superb writing and editing skills and sound editorial judgement;
strong and diverse communications and publications experience;  a
minimum of 10 to 15 years' experience in radio, television, and/or print
journalism;  experience at the national level is highly desirable, as
are a strong professional network and experience in more than one branch
of the media; experience working with national policy issues and in the
national political arena as well as a strong interest in local
issues--the ability to have one eye on what is local and the other on
what is beyond; the ability to market Wingspread to the national media; 
prior marketing experience is a strong plus; demonstrated skill in
moving easily from the big picture to the detailed work required by the
position:  managing multiple projects simultaneously, producing
publications, meeting deadlines, and developing and sticking to budgets;
a willingness to travel.

Personal Qualities
The successful candidate will be a creative and strategic thinker and an
accomplished writer and editor with the habit of intellectual rigor.  He
or she will be eager to shape public dialogue on contemporary issues,
have strong concerns about the influence of the media on society, and be
sophisticated about the means by which television, radio, and print can
inform and inspire public action.  

He or she will read widely, be substantively grounded in the areas in
which the Foundation is working, and have good antennae for what is
superficial and what is sound.  The new director will be a self-starter
with a sense of humor and a comfortable manner, and will find pleasure
in working both independently and as part of a small team.

The Johnson Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

This position is to be filled by January 1999.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to:

Susan Himmelfarb, Search Consultant
711 Superior Street, Oak Park, Illinois   60302
708-848-0086(phone)       708-848-8001(fax)