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National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America

Dear Colleague:

Across America, communities, businesses and organizations are finding
new ways to balance economic, environmental and social goals.  Ideas and
best practices for doing this are the focus for the National Town
Meeting for a Sustainable America (NTM) to be held May 2-5, 1999 at the
COBO Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan. Sponsored by the
President's Council on Sustainable Development and the Global
Environment & Technology Foundation, this landmark event is designed to
catalyze a national movement toward sustainable development.

The NTM program will include an exhibition, plenary sessions, learning
sessions, networking opportunities, cultural activities and other
elements that will highlight solutions and opportunities for a
sustainable America.

We are seeking presentation proposals for the NTM program's 90-minute
"learning sessions."  A submission may be developed by a single
presenter or by a team of presenters.  Our intent is that the program
will emphasize building individual and institutional capacity so that
best practices can be replicated elsewhere.  We are interested in
sessions that are designed to focus either on proven solutions to
challenging issues related to sustainability goals and/or on innovative
ideas yet to be tested.  We are also interested in providing interactive
learning experiences for attendees that will equip them with tools they
can use in their own communities and/or places of work.

If your organization or another organization that you know can
contribute to this effort, please visit our web site at
http://www.sustainableamerica.org to obtain a copy of the program
description and the Request for Submissions application.  We would also
appreciate your help in promoting the NTM.

Please forward this notice about the NTM and the Request for Submissions
to journals, newspapers, newsletters and editors you know.  Prior to
filling out and returning the request for submission, we would
appreciate it if you could reply via email at ntmprogram@getf.org
indicating your interest in submitting a proposal for the NTM program
and the topic on which you wish to present.  Thank you and we look
forward to hearing from you.

NTM Sustainable America
(fax on demand and voice) 1-888-333-6878 (available 10/26/98)