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Sustainable America: A National Town Meeting

Sustainable America
A National Town Meeting
May 2-5, 1999 in Detroit, Michigan and Points Across America

Carol Browner, Administrator  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Ray Anderson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Interface, Inc.

President's Council on Sustainable Development
Global Environment & Technology Foundation

Host Community Leadership
Dennis Archer, Mayor of Detroit
Edward McNamara, County Executive Wayne County, Michigan
Harry Pearce, Vice Chairman  General Motors Corporation

Crossing Boundaries * Building Trust * Making Commitments.

October 22, 1998

Dear Colleague:

The President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) and  the
Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF) invite you to
participate in a National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America (NTM). 
The four-day conference will discuss and showcase successful
sustainability initiatives by businesses, communities and other
organizations that promote economic prosperity, environmental protection
and equitable opportunity.  The NTM will be held May 2-5, 1999 at the
COBO Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan. Over 3,000 people are
expected to attend the Detroit event, with thousands more participating
via satellite links and the Internet.

Why should you participate?
To present your organizationĂs ideas and best practices that promote
sustainability goals.
To learn how other leaders from around the country are using
sustainability concepts.
To network with others who are engaged in similar activities.
To see how new technology is helping achieve sustainability goals.
To take the first step toward implementing your own sustainability

Who should participate?
Anyone interested in promoting sustainable development or finding out
more about it should participate at some level, either by attending the
main event in Detroit, or hosting or attending an affiliated event.

The NTM will be valuable to:
1. Business executives
2. Government officials
3. Economic development professionals
4. Non-Government Organizations
5. Planners, architects and developers
6. Investors, lenders and other financial institutions
7. Media Professionals
8. Academics - professors, teachers and students from all education
9. Farmers and agriculture representatives
10. Public health officials and social service providers
11. Citizens interested in economic and environmental progress

The NTM program will include an exhibition, plenary sessions and
workshops, networking opportunities, cultural activities and other
elements that showcase sustainability solutions and opportunities.

How can you get involved?

1. Share Your Strategies that Promote Sustainability - If you are
interested in making a presentation at the NTM, you will need to fill
out our Request for Submissions form.  The NTM currently has slots
available and is seeking proposals for 90-minute ˘Learning Sessions÷.  A
submission request may be developed by a single presenter or a team of
presenters. The program will emphasize building individual and
institutional capacity so that best practices can be replicated
elsewhere. To get a copy of the request for submissions, please visit
http://www.sustainableamerica.org.  The deadline for acknowledging an
intent to apply is November 15, 1998. The final application is due
December 4, 1998.

2. Be an Exhibitor - Showcase sustainability efforts of your business,
organization or community.  The NTM Exhibition Hall will present an
interactive learning environment adventure that engages participants and
provides an orientation to sustainable development.  It will also
include special exhibits that showcase where we work, play and live
(i.e., a sustainable home, office and ecosystem).  A marketplace for
exhibitors from business, academia, government and non-government
organizations will also be featured.  We are seeking exhibitors for each
of these categories.  If you are interested in exhibiting at the NTM,
details will be available at http://www.sustainableamerica.org or by
contacting exhibitntm@getf.org.

3. Host an Affiliated Event in Your Community - Affiliated events offer
organizations and communities engaged in sustainable development an
opportunity to become an active part of the National Town Meeting.  If
you are hosting a sustainable development event, be it a large
conference, a community workshop or classroom activity prior to May 2,
1999, you may want to join with the NTM network by being designated as a
Journey to Detroit event.  Your efforts will be highlighted on our
website and showcased at the National Town Meeting. In addition, many
events are being planned across America to coincide with the May
meeting.  These Concurrent Events will be able to access audio and
satellite downlinks from the Detroit NTM, allowing participants at local
events to be actively involved in the proceedings in Detroit.  Details
for hosting a Journey to Detroit or a Concurrent Event are available at
http://www.sustainableamerica.org or by e-mailing eventsntm@getf.org.

4. Come to the National Town Meeting - Plan to come to Detroit,
May 2-5, 1999, to participate in the National Town Meeting.  Visit
http://www.sustainableamerica.org and indicate your interest in
attending the NTM.  Upon registering, future mailings will be sent to

The co-sponsors and hosts are excited about the opportunity this event
presents and look forward to hearing from you on how you wish to
participate.  If you know of another organization that can contribute to
this effort please forward this notice about the NTM to them.  For more
information, contact:

Sustainable America NTM
7010 Little River Turnpike, Suite 300
Annandale, VA  22003
http://www.sustainableamerica.org or ntm@getf.org
1-888-333-6878 Voice and fax on demand line (operational 10/26/98)