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Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 27 October 1998

Posted on behalf of Glenn Starnes <gstarnes@nemw.org>

     The Congressional Task Force on Manufacturing on Wednesday,
October 28, will host a briefing on combined heat and power (CHP)
technologies.  David Green, director of the United Kingdom's Combined
Heat and Power Association (CHPA), will discuss how the technology has
helped reduce U.K. electricity rates by 15 percent and emissions by
30-50 percent.  Combined heat and power, which is the simultaneous
generation of electricity and heat, can reach efficiencies of more
than 90 percent, a large increase over the U.S. average of 30 percent.

     The briefing is timely because the British government just
released an official statement declaring that CHP will play the
central role in the UK's climate change program, contributing up to
one-fifth of the government's 20 percent carbon dioxide reduction

     Prior to joining the CHPA, Green worked as a consultant on energy
issues for Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union.  He is a
co-founder of the Neighborhood Energy Action, which has improved
energy efficiency in over 2 million low-income homes.  He also is
deputy chairman of CoGen Europe, and a member of the U.K. Government's
Energy Advisory Panel on Business, the Environmental Change Working
Party Committee, and the Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable
Energy Group.

     The Wednesday briefing will run from 10:00 am until 11:00 am in
room HC-8 of the U.S. Capitol.

     CONTACT:  Tina Kaarsberg at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (544-

     The omnibus appropriations bill, adopted in the final hours of
the 105th Congress, advances numerous initiatives important to the
region.  For instance, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
(LIHEAP), zeroed out by House appropriators, received $1.1 billion in
fiscal 1999 and $1.1 billion fiscal 2000, and in separate legislation
it was reauthorized through fiscal 2004.  The Trade Adjustment
Assistance Program obtained a six-month reauthorization.  The Energy
Department's Office of Industrial Technologies received a substantial
funding boost.  Congress also ensured flexibility and adequate funding
for brownfield reuse programs, providing $90 million to the
Environmental Protection Agency and $25 million to the Department of
Housing and Urban Development.

     On a less positive note, the Tennessee Valley Authority obtained
a whopping $1.25 billion in additional subsidies, much to the
consternation of appropriators and authorizers.  Northeast-Midwest
Coalition leaders subsequently wrote:  "We hope lawmakers from the
rest of the country will remember TVA's current money grab when the
utility comes to Capitol Hill next year looking for special treatment
on taxes, antitrust, and utility restructuring."

     The chart (http://www.nemw.org/omnibus.htm) highlights actions on
several programs important to the Northeast-Midwest region.

     ROCHELLE STURTEVANT last week successfully defended her Ph.D.
dissertation at Kent State University; she had conducted an ecological
systematics study of Lake Erie. ... ELIZABETH COLLATON this week will
speak about brownfield reuse at the Upper Midwest American Planning
Association conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ... CHARLIE BARTSCH this
week will be part of a U.S.-Canada delegation investigating brownfield
cleanup efforts in Europe.  ... ALLEGRA CANGELOSI next week will be in
London as part of the U.S. delegation to the International Maritime
Organization's Ballast Working Group.  ... DIANE DEVAUL last week
helped organize workshops in Ohio to advance industrial modernization
and efficiency. ... JEFF STEIN this week is meeting in Iowa with
mayors from along the Upper Mississippi River in order to implement
the area's recent designation as an American Heritage River.