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Job: Transportation and Trade Policy Analyst

Posted on behalf of Glenn Starnes <gstarnes@nemw.org>

                 J O B   A N N O U N C E M E N T


     The Northeast-Midwest Institute is looking for a senior policy
analyst to examine transportation, trade, and economic development
opportunities in the Upper Midwest.  The three-year project will
examine the current and future opportunities for regional and
international trade development and correlate these opportunities with
specific transportation infrastructure needs that must be met to
insure that these trade opportunities can happen.  The project will,
in essence, provide the Upper Midwest region with the opportunity to
examine its economic future, and  recommend to federal and state
officials a strategic plan to ensure the economic vitality of the

     The analyst will examine international trade and domestic
development trends, reviewing the region's current international trade
markets, forecasting future opportunities and challenges, and
forecasting new or emerging international markets for the region.  The
analyst also will research and write about trends and directions
within all modes of the national and international transportation
sector.  The project's product will be an integrated decision making
model/tool for specific infrastructure investments and policy
recommendations that can enhance the region's economic development.

The project leaders are the Northeast-Midwest Institute, a non-profit
policy center located in Washington, D.C., and the Northern Great
Plains Initiative for Rural Development, located in Minnesota.  The
project will require periodic travel to the Upper Midwest, and the
analyst will work with existing Institute senior economic development

     Applicants should have several years of work experience related
to the development and promotion of trade and transportation policies, as
well as a significant background in economics.  Also needed are quality
research and writing skills, and the ability to work well with diverse
interest groups.

     The Northeast-Midwest Institute is an equal opportunity employer.
The position's annual salary will be approximately $55,000, depending upon
experience.  A comprehensive benefit package is provided.

     Rather than call, please send a resume, writing sample, and
salary history to Dick Munson at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (218
D Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003), (fax:  202/544-0043), or (e-mail: