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News from the IJC

November 3, 1998

	The Great Lakes Water Quality Board, principal advisor to the
International Joint Commission (IJC) on matters relating to the
U.S./Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, recently surveyed 17
key U.S. and Canadian federal, state and provincial agencies responsible
for delivery of programs under the Agreement.  Information from the
survey is published in a new report entitled  "Review of Government
Resources and Changing Program Thrusts as they Relate to Delivery of
Programs Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement."  The survey
looked at agency support for regulatory and enforcement programs;
Remedial Action Plans; and monitoring and surveillance.  

	The entire report, including survey method and summary
information for each agency, can be found on the Internet at
http://www.ijc.org (.)  The IJC is continuing to assess this issue and
is accepting comments on the information contained in the report.
Comments may be posted to the IJC web site.