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Minnesota's "Real People, Real Places" now online


We are pleased to introduce  
"Real People, Real Places:
A Guide to Ecosystem-based Works-in-Progress around Minnesota"
This collection of stories is now on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' World Wide Web site at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ebm/   .The Guide is one of the first efforts nationally to highlight how ecosystem-based approaches to natural resource management are being applied on the ground.

Stories feature narrative, photos, maps, and links to related web sites in a user-friendly format.  Each profile describes how  citizens, nonprofit groups, and businesses are working with natural resource professionals to build more vibrant communities in their landscapes and watersheds.

"Real People, Real Places" is designed for a broad audience. Community leaders and decision makers can draw upon the examples as they create healthier places to live. Citizens can explore Minnesota's diverse ecosystems and discover opportunities for community participation.  Educators and students can use these stories to enrich their learning, while outdoor recreationists will find ideas for new and challenging outdoor experiences. 

The Guide is dynamic and is regularly updated. 
Currently featured are ten stories throughout Minnesota, ranging from the 
tallgrass prairie and  the northwoods, to the blufflands and broadleaf forests.

Find "Real People, Real Places" by pointing your browser to

Please pass the word along, and be sure to let us know what you think of the Guide.  Thanks!

Jan Wolff, Coordinator
Ecosystem Education Program

Paul Purman
Ecosystem-based Management Guide Developer