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Latest Seiche Newsletter

The latest issue of Minnesota Sea Grant's Seiche Newsletter is on the Web at  


Articles include:

Ballast Water Filtering Project Comes to Minnesota

	You've heard the story:  many of our exotic species -- Eurasian ruffe, round 
gobies, and zebra mussels -- apparently hitched a ride on ocean-going vessels, 
hiding in the ship's ballast water and then gained a foothold in the Great Lakes
after the water was released. If Allegra Cangelosi of the Northeast Midwest 
Institute and Richard Harkins of the Lake CarriersŐ Association succeed, aquatic
organisms may no longer get such an easy ride from their homes in Europe to 

Goby Population Found in Duluth-Superior Harbor

	Two Superior, WI, teenagers discovered a thriving population of round gobies 
("Neogobius melanostomus"), an exotic fish, in the Duluth-Superior harbor this 

Marketing Lamprey in Europe: A Good News/Bad News Story

	The good and the bad news about marketing lamprey in Europe were presented at a
seminar held at the Great Lakes Science Center in Ann Arbor, MI, in June.

(Lake) Superior Pursuit Available

	This updated brochure  contains facts about the greatest Great Lake, Lake 

An "Exotic" CD

	Sea Grant has produced a compact disk version of its award-winning Sea Grant 
Nonindigenous Species (sgnis) Web site.  If you don't have Internet access, this
CD is your best source for comprehensive information on zebra mussels, Eurasian 
ruffe, round gobies, and other aquatic nuisance species.  Cost is $14.

Landscaping for a Natural Shoreline Videos

	Two new videos are available from the University of Minnesota to help 
landowners restore or maintain a natural shoreline.  Cost is $15 each, plus tax 
and shipping.

Popular Fish Growth Computer Model Available

	"A Computer Program for Analyzing the Growth of Fish,"  developed by Sanford 
Weisberg, professor of applied statistics at the University of Minnesota, is 
still one of the best available.  Cost is $25.

And information on other staff activities and new products/services.

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