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USEPA Great Lakes Funding

Request for Great Lakes Preproposals

USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office is requesting Preproposals for
Great Lakes projects.  This request is part of the *FY1999-2000 Great Lakes
Priorities and Funding Guidance" and seeks Preproposals for projects
  -   Contaminated Sediments
  -   Pollution Prevention and Reduction (Binational Toxics Strategy)
  -   Habitat (Ecological) Protection and Restoration
  -   Exotic Species
  -   Emerging Issues

More information is available at:

A total of $3.8 million is targeted for awards in the Summer and Fall of
1999.  The deadline for Preproposals is January 15, 1999.  We are again
requesting that preproposals be developed using our electronic Preproposal
Submission System (PSS2).  State pollution control agencies, interstate
agencies, other public or nonprofit private agencies, institutions,
organizations, and individuals are eligible to apply.

In addition to the Preproposal solicitation, the Great Lakes Funding
Guidance identifies Great Lakes priorities and describes other Federal Great
Lakes funding opportunities available through USEPA, the Natural Resources
Conservation Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Army Corps of
Engineers, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Copies of the Great Lakes Funding Guidance, including a disk containing the
PSS2 computer program for developing and submitting preproposals, are being
mailed to a group which includes recipients of last year's mailing and
others who have requested copies.  The Great Lakes Funding Guidance and the
PSS2 program are also available on the Internet from
http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/fund/99guid.html .  To be added to our distribution
list, please contact Lawrence Brail (brail.lawrence@epa.gov / 312-886-7474.
For general questions, please contact Michael Russ (russ.michael@epa.gov