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Executive Director - Ontario Great Lakes Renewal Foundation

We are currently conducting a search to find the Executive Director of the 
Ontario Great Lakes Renewal Foundation.  This newly created Foundation was 
established in 1998 with a five million dollar grant from the Government of 
Ontario.  It will operate at arms length from the government and make the 
transition from a government-funded organization to a private-sector driven 
organization that is directed by local corporations and communities.   The 
Foundation will tackle large remediation projects such as sediment 
contamination, shoreline rehabilitation, contamination reduction and pollution 
prevention programs, and it has the following mandate:

*  develop, deliver and direct "hands-on" programs dedicated to the renewal of 
the Great Lakes;
*  facilitate private sector and community participation in Great Lakes cleanup;
*  encourage contributions from the private sector, individuals and other 
charitable foundations to support community restoration efforts;
*  direct funds to communities and organizations engaging in specific Great 
Lakes cleanup and renewal activities.

We are seeking an Executive Director who will lead this Foundation and 
establish it as a high profile operation promoting protection and restoration 
of the Great Lakes.  The successful candidate must have a graduate degree in a 
relevant field and experience in areas such as environmental management, 
general management, not-for-profit, public affairs, or government.  S/He must 
have experience leading an entrepreneurial organization, ideally a start-up 
situation.  Experience working with a Board of Directors, volunteers, media, 
government and communities.  S/He must have an ability to secure financial 
support from the broader private sector and have a knowledge of philanthropic 
request processes.  This position is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Interested applicants should e-mail their resume to Kathy O'Brien, Senior 
Consultant, Ray & Berndtson Inc. - kobrien@raybern.ca.  Faxed resumes are also 
welcome at 416-366-7353.
Kathy O'Brien        kobrien@raybern.ca
Ray & Berndtson/Lovas Stanley
Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower
200 Bay Street, Suite 3150
Toronto, Ontario   Canada   M5J 2J3
416/366-1990       Fax: 416/366-7353