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Exotic Species Compact Disk News Release

                        GREAT LAKES SEA GRANT NETWORK
                                NEWS RELEASE
Date: 12/1/98                                     Contact: Marie Zhuikov
                                                    Phone: 218-726-7677

                            An "Exotic" Compact Disk

Sea Grant has produced a compact disk version of its award-winning Sea Grant 
Nonindigenous Species (sgnis) Web site (www.ansc.purdue.edu/sgnis/). If you 
don't have Internet access, this computer CD is your best source for 
comprehensive information on zebra mussels, Eurasian ruffe, round gobies, and 
other aquatic nuisance species.  It is available for $14 (plus tax for Minnesota
residents).  Bulk orders (20 or more) cost $10 per CD.

The CD contains recent research findings, training and education materials, 
distribution maps, color images, video clips, newsletters, and product ordering 
information. User instructions are provided for IBM and Macintosh computers. It 
will provide you with the highest-quality scientific material available. All 
products (except conference proceedings and newsletters) have either appeared in
professional science journals or have undergone rigorous scientific review. It's
ideal for use in libraries, classrooms, industries, agencies, and universities.

If you order this CD, you will receive updated versions, which will be available
periodically at a reduced price. To order, contact Minnesota Sea Grant by 
calling (218) 726-6191.