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"Ports of Indiana" featured as GLIN Site of the Month

Stop by and check out the GLIN SITE OF THE MONTH for December: 

The Ports of Indiana, online home of the Indiana Port Commission

The Commission professionally manages Indiana's three public ports:
Indiana's International Port/Burns Harbor at Portage, a deepwater port
on Lake Michigan connecting the steel, heavy industrial and grain
segments of Indiana's economy to the world via the Great Lakes/St.
Lawrence Seaway; and on the Ohio River, Southwind Maritime Centre at
Mount Vernon and Clark Maritime Centre at Jeffersonville, gateways to
the nation's inland waterway system. Visitors to the site can subscribe
to the IPC magazine "Indiana Portside," order a copy of the Port
Commission's history book, read press releases and articles, contact
port personnel and learn about the ports' tenants. 

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