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New Watershed Assistance Grants Available

This should be of interest to many Great Lakes organizations.

David Rankin
Program Director
Great Lakes Protection Fund
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Date: Wednesday, December 02, 1998 10:49 AM
Subject: Watershed funds available from River Net

New Watershed Assistance Grants Available

EPA's Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds recently awarded River Network $300,000 to be used for grants to local watershed partnerships to support organizational development and long term effectiveness.

River Network, a national organization based in Portland, Oregon,
supports river and watershed advocates at the local, state, and
regional levels.  Under the Watershed Assistance Grants program in
1999, grants ranging from $2,000 to $30,000 will be distributed to
support watershed partnerships working to protect and restore their

Grant applications will be available after December 1, 1998.

To request an application, you can write to River Network, Watershed
Assistance Grants Program, PO Box 8787, Portland, OR 97207 or email River Network at info@rivernetwork.org.

For additional information, visit River >Network's web site at
http://www.rivernetwork.org/  All future information regarding the Grant program will be posted there as soon as it becomes

More Background on the grants available through the River Network:

There will be a two-tiered application process: Mini-Grants ($4,000
and under) will be awarded for clearly defined, short-term
organizational development projects; and twelve month, Watershed
Assistance Grants ($4,000- $30,000) for projects of demonstrable
impact.  River Network and a national advisory panel will select the
grantees, with the first round of money slated to be distributed in
February 1999.  The panel will  include representatives from local and tribal governments, industry, and experts in watershed management.

Grants will be distributed to a pool of applicants that are diverse in
terms of geography, watershed issues, the type of partnership, and
approaches.  Through the Program, River Network will make grants to
projects demonstrating nationally important lessons associated with
group process, formation, organizational structure, and actions to
protect and restore watersheds. Applicants from new and existing
watershed partnerships should be representative of the diverse
population within the target watershed, and they should describe how
the partnerships will ultimately make a measurable difference