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Looking for geography experts

We are currently seeking environmental and geography experts/educators who would be willing to be part of a panel of experts on The North American Quilt: A Living Geography Project.

NAQ is an inquiry-based collaborative on-line geography project with units focusing on physical geography, ecology, land use and cultural geography. Participating classrooms answer research questions about their own communities. Each school is given a fully maintained Web site in which they can post their research and personal experience. Interactive discussions, surveys and a lively geography bee take place on-line. Last year we had over 100 classrooms participate. The dates of this year's session are February 1 - May 21, 1999.
During the course of the program, we invite experts in our different
topic areas to serve on an on-line panel to answer student questions
about the subject, and to create dialog between professionals and students.
It does not require a huge amount of work - we ask for a bio and some
photos. When questions from the students come in, we send them by e-mail and
ask that they be returned in about 24 hrs. We share the answers with all the schools so that all benefit.

We are looking for experts in the following areas:

* North American ecosystems (topics include identifying biomes, watersheds and wildlife)
* History of North America with particular expertise in the areas of immigration throughout our history
* North American culture and art

Do you know anyone who would be interested to serve as our panel expert during the 16 weeks mentioned above? If not, can you recommend people we contact? Unfortunately, we don't pay more than an honorarium, but it is an excellent opportunity to take part in a cutting edge collaborative project.

You can take a look at the structure and nature of our program at

Anyone interested in participating should contact me, Cathy de Moll, at <tbt@onlineclass.com> 651-771-3809.

Thank you very much.
      Cathy de Moll
  Producer, OnlineClass
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    St. Paul, MN 55106
     tel: 612-771-3809
      fax: 612-771-3901
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