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Aquaculture 101 Workshop 1/16/99

~Basic Principles of Aquaculture
   Laura Tiu, OSU Centers at Piketon
~Water Quality / Aeration 
   Laura Tiu, OSU Centers at Piketon
~Site Selection / Pond Construction
   James Borchelt, Soil and Water Conservation Service
~ Production Methods (ponds, cages, recirculating systems)
   Dr. Joost Blom, The Ohio State University
~Cage Construction 
   Dean Rapp, OSU Centers at Piketon
~Recirculating Systems
   Dr. Dave Smith, Freshwater Farms of Ohio
~Species Selection
   Geoff Wallat, OSU Centers at Piketon
~Feeds and Feeding
   Dr. Konrad Dabrowski, The Ohio State University
~Business Planning
   Kendra Conley, OSU Centers at Piketon
~Marketing / Processing
   Chris Bennett, Bennett Fish, Inc. 

Sponsored by The Ohio State University's
Centers at Piketon, The Ohio State University's
School of Natural Resources and the 
North Central Region Aquaculture Center 
at Michigan State University.

The goal of this one-day workshop
is to provide introductory 
information to people who have an 
interest in aquaculture.

A $20.00 registration fee covers all
handouts and lunch. Registration deadline 1/8/99.

Workshop location:
Piketon Research & Extension Center
1864 Shyville Rd
Piketon OH 45661
from 9:00-4:00

Contact Laura Tiu
phone   1-740-289-2071
in Ohio 1-800-297-2072
fax          1-740-289-4591
email      tiu.2@osu.edu
web site http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~prec

The Ohio State University Centers at Piketon